How Vector Images trump over other Options?

Are you looking to brand your business? Remember visuals are the key to grab the mind share of your customers. Do not say yes to distorted images that damage your reputation. Go for high-clarity, stunning vector images and create the right impression instantly. A picture speaks a thousand words!

It may sound cliché to you but the words still hold true in today’s digital world. In an era where customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements, a stunning picture can cut through the crowd and deliver your message efficiently. As a business, you need to use quality images that speak your brand. If you have got the right visuals, you can win people across different cultures. Today, visuals have become the most important medium for marketing. But, are you confused about the different types of digital images available in the market?

Are Vector Images Ideal for Business Use?

Before picking out the winner, you must understand the meaning of the major types of digital images. It will help you to make an informed decision.

Bitmap images or raster images consist of pixels, with each pixel having its own color. On the other hand, vector graphics are made up of 2D points and paths connecting them. Each path has specific properties such as stroke, color, width, height, thickness, etc. When it comes to choosing an image type for your marketing material, go with vector graphics. Here’s why:

1. Easy to Create

Usually, businesses rely on photographs or hand-drawn sketches for their digital designs. So, they stick to bitmaps. And, it is where they go wrong. You can convert raster images into vectors with tools such as Corel, Adobe Freehand, Adobe Illustrator and so on. Choose to convert your design to vector artwork. They make look complex because of the paths but with the right tool, you can create stunning vector visuals.

2. Easy to Scale

Why vector images are so popular? The biggest benefit of using a vector design is its scalability feature. If you use raster/bitmap images, they cannot be scaled to required size without looking distorted. But, if you are using a vector image, you can use the same design in a plethora of sizes and still enjoy sharp results. For example, you can use the same vector logo on billboards as well as business cards without facing any trouble.

3. Easy to Re-Use

As vector images are made of different points and paths, you do not need to recreate the entire image while editing it. Simply, edit the paths according to your requirement and make changes effortlessly. It means you can re-use the same image with a few changes. For instance, if you are working on a presentation for clients and want to show different options of the same design, a vector image will be easy to edit.

4. Easy to Store

If you are storing a wallpaper design in bitmap, the file size will be very large. It is because the size of a bitmap image is dependent on the number of pixels in it. And, larger the design, more the number of pixels. On the other hand, the size of vector images depends on the complexity of the image. So, do not worry about the storage space of vector images.

Vector Images = Stunning Visuals for Business

When it comes to creating visuals for marketing and branding your business, you need vector images. Raster or bitmap images are useful when you are photographing an object but everywhere else, vector images prove to be beneficial. So, choose vector designs for stunning visuals to create a positive impact on your customers.

By: Jayesh Gosai

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