Another Doobersteen Adventure for Kids

Whether Doobersteen is at home with family, on the street with friends, or at school, there are always laughs, fun, and a wild adventure. Each chapter is a new adventure in the life of Doobersteen, and the excitement builds on each page to find out how the funny man will get out of his latest dilemma and how his jokes constantly have those around him laughing their heads off. It started out like any other day, with Doobersteen not knowing, but wondering what this day would bring. As he was walking to the apartment complex to see John and Milton, he would stop along the way and chat with people he knew. Sometimes he would chat with people he didn’t know. Doobersteen enjoyed living in the city, except when he heard those infamous words: “There he goes, get him.” As Doobersteen was walking along the Boulevard, he felt alive and full of energy. Maybe they would play basketball today, or maybe take a trip somewhere, or just catch up with some of the other guys. What Doobersteen didn’t know was that this was another day that he would remember for a long, long time. “Hey Doobersteen, what’s up Big Doob.” It was someone he only knew as Jimbo, one of the many people Doobersteen would meet throughout the neighborhood.
“Hey Jimbo, what are you up to?”
“Oh, I’d say about six foot, three.”
“I like that one Jimbo; can I use that one sometime?”
“You can use it, just don’t abuse it, or you may lose it,” rattled off Jimbo.
“Wow, I like that one too, but I can’t ask for permission to use everything you say.”
“You can ask for permission, but I may have to charge a commission, because I need the money to go fishing.”
Jimbo certainly had a way with words and it gave Doobersteen motivation to improve his own vocabulary. “Good seeing you Jimbo, I’ve got to get going, if I had a boat, I’d be rowing, but I don’t so I’ll run, although it is not as much fun. I’ve enjoyed your talk, but there is no time to walk, so I got to run, it’s been fun.”
He met up with John and Milton at the corner candy store where they were playing pinball. John was a pinball wiz and it was almost addicting. John was immersed in the game and used colorful language when the machine lit up and read “Tilt” and his turn was over. Artie yelled from behind the counter for John to calm down and watch his language. “Sorry man, but this machine doesn’t like me today,” John replied back. “Yea, that is why he only has high score eight games in a row,” Milton chimed in. When it was Doobersteen’s turn to try his skill, he did well, did not tilt and didn’t use colorful language. After they all had their fair share of frustration, they left wondering where they would go from here.
As they were walking, Milton noticed Ben, the superintendent from the apartments where John and Milton lived. Milton also noticed an apple that fell from the tree was lying on the ground. As Ben was admiring the bushes he had trimmed, he felt something hit him hard on his back. He turned around and saw Milton laughing, and John and Doobersteen just shaking their heads. Ben started picking up anything he could find and threw it with all of his might at Milton. He tried throwing a broom, a big stick and an old tire. None of it reached Milton, so he started running toward him, yelling how he would tear his head off. That was their cue to run; so Doobersteen, John and Milton ran until Ben was clear out of sight.

By: Patrick Esposito

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Excerpted from The Amazing Adventures of Doobersteen. Pat Esposito is an entrepreneur, an author, and a runner. He is the founder of

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