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What kind of dog would Our Neighbor Bob be? Perhaps it isn’t a friendly one. But be careful, you might grow fond of this misanthrope. Making a smorgasbord of humor is his specialty. People who like this kind of red neck comedy cartoons can get their fill on this site. When it is about funny videos, there’s a perfect example, at least it was for me. It’s the Palin University. In this video, visitors can watch a class filled with young girls. The lecturer presents men’s genitalia picture and discuss it. It is common sense and the girls don’t seem surprised as some have encountered a penis before. The lecturer describes why men need some courage to get a girl they like. There is even a self-defense moment.

<h2>Men and the Sexuality</h2>

The lecturer points out than men gather around with others in noisy clubs. They drink a lot and some smoke a lot. Women consider those men will be courageous to play into sexual approaches once they are drunk. It’s accepted for men to enjoy sex and have many sexual partners. However, women are not privileged to do so. The bias of sexual gender remains kicking today. The society will consider a woman less than mother like if it is known that she enjoys sex with a multitude of partners. There’s a hope that little girls should be ladies over time. Sexual taboos change very slow.

<h2>The Double Standard</h2>

Smart women do not share their sexual past with a man she is truly interested it. The rule has changed only slightly in the last decade. Women aren’t trophy anymore. They can enjoy their sexuality as well, but they still need to be far more discreet than men. As a human being, women have the same equality as men, or so they say, but the paycheck doesn’t bear this out. The good news is, when people openly talk about sex, somehow, it isn’t something that’s as taboo anymore.

In summary, women often talk about men and sex with others. The funny videos by Bob Miller, like most other comedy, delivery a message. There are many other types of videos people can enjoy on this site. In fact, they can write a funny script for the site if they want. The simple and funny animation will make the funny scripts become meaningful. At first I wonder why Bob Miller, considering all the animation software that’s out there, didn’t do more of an Avatar theme that the old Sunday cartoon types. But after hanging around <a href="">Our Neighbor Bob</a> site, I realized this guy couldn’t care less about trends, not to mention, being politically correct. I’ll admit being a bit disappointed, I had expected this Bob to weight in on Palin’s dumb remarks, but he seldom does the expected.

By: Bobby Miller

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