‘ShotOn for Vivo’ - Add text and logo to your pictures!

'ShotOn for Vivo' adds 'ShotOn' (Device Name) and 'ShotBy' (Person Name) stamps to the photo captured using built-in camera of the smartphone. Just take a look at its catchy features: Innumerable smartphones are getting introduced daily and every smartphone has its specific functionality. Such as a long battery life, large capacity for storage or a wonderful camera quality! whenever discussing the best camera phone the essential name which smacks at our mind is 'Vivo'.

From many years 'Vivo' is giving some staggering camera features to its customers! The other side, mobile developers are putting in all the efforts to improve photography applications which can give the desired result to the customers!

Whether a '10 years old tyke' or '70 years old senior', nowadays everyone has knowledge about 'Social Media Platforms'! Everyone knows how to make the most of social sites. A big function of a marriage or small event of the birthday party, people takes the pictures and videos for sharing it globally.

People use particular applications to change and make those photos all the more engaging! Play Store is a home of different applications with various genres like Art, Education, Music, and Photography. I am found of photography applications and recently i am using an application named 'ShotOn for Vivo'.

This application enables a client to connect 'ShotOn' and 'ShotBy' stamp to the photo captured by an implicit camera of the gadget! It outfits the clients with following features:

- Facility to incorporate 'Brand Logo' of smartphone nearby ShotOn marks.
- Set of Brand Logos of various cell phones.
- Editable 'Shot By' and 'Shot On' content.
- Various font formats.
- The user can 'preview' stamps before adding to the image.

Just a single time setting and you're set up to go!

1) Open the application and enable 'ShotOn' flip.
2) Tap on 'Logo' and pick a logo for your device.
3) Click on 'ShotOn' tab and find the name of your device. If your device name isn't there then add your device name by tapping on '+' sign.
4) Select 'Shot By' and enter your name there!
5) Visit 'Advance' tab for different functionalities like 'Stamp Position', 'Stamp Size', and 'Font style Format'.
6) Capture the picture and your customized logo will be added to it automatically!

On the off chance that you are a Vivo client and you adore catching pictures then this application is for you! Without squandering a moment simply snatch 'ShotOn for Vivo' straightforwardly from Play Store.

By: Shoton Vivo


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