What Are The 3 Main Wedding Photography Style?

In essence, every photographer will have their preferred style or a style that they or strongest in. However, experience has taught us that it is next to impossible to capture an entire wedding day in one particular style. Your wedding day is undoubtedly a major milestone in your life. With all the money you will spend on that perfect bridal dress, tuxedo, beautiful flowers, romantic venue and the numerous other things that go together to make your day so special, you will want to have your day captured in a style that is meaningful and unique to you.
Different wedding photographers have preferred wedding photography styles and it is essential to cut through the sales pitch & the fancy jargon to discover if your potential photographer will understand your vision and can create photographs to your liking. You need a photographer that is going to be a creative partner and help to bring your wedding day vision to life with photography.

In this article you will learn about 3 of the main wedding photography styles of <a href="https://www.whitehouseweddingphotography.com/">Miami wedding photographers</a> and photography. Keep in mind that a good photographer will be well rounded in all the styles and will be able to adapt to the challenges presented throughout your wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography, also known as Classic Wedding Photography has been around for a while. It is a more technical and formal style that incorporates lighting, composition, posing and directing. In today’s wedding industry clients expect their photographers to be fast and to create a high volume of images. The traditional style takes requires more time with a smaller production volume. For this reason, family and group photos are often times created using this style. The photographer will tell you where to stand, sit, look and will be very hands on.
When done correctly, the quality of traditional wedding photographs is very noticeable and timeless. These are the kind of photographs that Mom and Granny will love and treasure.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Also known as candid wedding photography, Photojournalistic Wedding Photography is another style of wedding photography that is preferred by many brides and grooms. For this style of photography, the photographer blends into the background and captures the wedding party, guest, and events without being noticed. To have a wedding photograph completely in this style requires a lot of planning by the photographer and clients. The photographer must be fully aware of the chain of events to occur so that she or he may be best prepared to capture the moment. On the other hand, the client should be fully aware that these photos will be significantly different from photographs created in the traditional style. For instant, the bride may not like the distracting background but with candid wedding photography style, what you see is what you get.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary Wedding Photography is a style that is reflective of current trends. It is modern and has an editorial fashion feel. These are the types of photographs you see on covers of magazine and wedding editorial blogs. Contemporary Wedding Photography requires mastery of posing, lighting, composition, and styling. Brides and grooms who are not comfortable in front of the camera should consider a different style. This style is best used for bridal portraits, groom portraits, and couple’s portraits. It requires more time to create in camera plus post-production.

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