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If you have interest in reading books or willing to know the truth of American Mafia then this is time to shop A Wiser Guy, a new book written by Louis P Divita. It is the best source that describes the detail about history of the mafia. <p>People who have interest in mafia can go for the mafia books to get into know about the American Mafia. There are wide selections of books to choose from and when it comes to mob then you can go for A Wiser Guy, a newly launched mafia book. The book contains detailed story of American Mafia and its famous leaders. It is one of the unique organization which is involved in the illegal activities including: robbery, extortion, theft, murder and so on. The leaders or bosses of 20th century were really powerful and they had done a lot of clashes with security forces of the America.</p>
<p>If you really want to read mafia story then <b>new mafia books</b> will be good choice and they must give you unique experience. A Wiser Guy is the newly launched mafia book contains detailed story of famous mafia leaders involving: Joe Adonis, Willie Moretti, Paul Palmeri, Frank Costello, and many more. All these leaders have great role in <b>History of the mafia</b> which you can read through the newly launched mafia book written by Louis P Divita the grandson of Paul Palmeri. Paul Palmeri was born on 1 October, 1892 in castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, the youngest son of Francesco and Anna Caleca Palmeri. He was the head of Mafia organization and he had performed a lot of illegal activities against the American government.</p>
<p>Other famous leaders have great part in the history of the mafia and you can review their biography through A Wiser Guy, a new Mafia book. If you hold interest in mob or gangsters then this is time to buy this book and to read detailed story of <a href="">mafia in New York</a> involving its famous leaders. There were five crime families in New York in the 20th century and you can read about them and the wars they had attempted. It is really interesting option to read books if you have free time or having hobby of reading books. This mob book is available online to purchase and before you buy you can reviews its trailer online which must describe essential information in detail.</p>
<p>The mafia books are really popular among the book lovers or the people who hold interest in mafia. A Wiser Guy is the new mafia book consists of detailed mafia story and it covers all the necessary aspects including: mafia bosses, families, illegal activities and the popular wars. The mob organization is all about a new and interesting society where no legal rules were followed and everyone live the life as per own admiration. If you are willing to gather detailed story of Mafia in New York then simply buy A Wiser Guy, a new book about mob or gangsters.</p>

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