Read about the American Crime Bosses of Mafia in New York

New Jersey mafia families are highly popular all over the world and they were responsible for the crimes in 20th century. There were several mafia leaders who hold this organization and performed crimes. A Wiser Guy is the good source that describes about the history of the mafia and helps you to read the biography of Mafia, mobsters or gangsters. <p>Mafia is the name that denotes you about the criminal society that performs organized crimes. These criminal societies don’t have a formal name and they are totally engaged in criminal activities. If we talk about the famous American mafia then there are several aspects which you will know. There are several sources which will give you clear picture of history of the mafia. Reading book can be good decision if you want to read about the American mafia and related aspects. The mob lovers would definitely enjoy their experience of reading story about the mob or gangsters. There were several mobsters who headed the five popular <b>New Jersey mafia families</b> including: Bonnano, Genovese, Luciano, Gambino and Colombo crime family. These families are crime families which were totally engaged in the criminal activities. To read story of mafia gangsters will give you new experience and you will get the chance to know about the mobsters in detail.</p>
<h3>Understand Cosa Nostra of Mafia in New York</h3>
<p>American Mafia is popular all over the world and the illegal activities of leaders are really popular among the lovers of mob and gangsters. La <a href="">Cosa Nostra</a> is the name given to popular Sicilian Mafia or Italian Mafia, is a criminal syndicate in Sicily, Italy. It was the loose association of criminal groups where each group known as family, clan, cosca and so on. Through the new mafia book, you will get the chance to know <b>history of the mafia</b>. A Wiser Guy is the new mafia book written by Louis P Divita, the grandson of Paul Palmeri and let you to be familiar with the American Mafia of 20th century. The mob bosses were responsible for the criminal activities in organization and they had done several clashes with security forces or government.</p>
<p>If you hold interest in <b>mafia New York</b> then you will definitely enjoy reading biography of mafia bosses including: Al Capone, Vito Genovese, Carlo Gambino, Albert Anastasia, Paul Palmeri, Frank Costello, Joe Adonis, Willie Moretti, Stefano Magaddino, Peter Magaddino and so on. If you are really willing to know about these popular crime bosses then A Wiser Guy is the ultimate source will definitely suit you. It describes the true story of American Mobsters of 20th century and will let you to know the lifestyle of mobsters. The Sicilian Mob had build effective presence in the history and A Wiser Guy provides clear picture of history. You cannot miss reading this book if you love mafia, mob or gangsters. To read this new mafia book you can purchase online or can see its trailer on the site.</p>

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