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To know about New Jersey mafia, you can read best mafia books like A Wiser Guy, the great source details history of the mafia. History of the mafia is such a good topic to read about the American mafia and related aspects. There were several mob leaders who had attempted several criminal activities and became popular in history of American mafia. Mafia is one of the interesting topic for book lovers and the people who hold interest in American mafia. Reading mafia books may give you clear picture about the history of mafia which involves detail of each and every aspect. The mafia lovers always search for the mafia book which can give them the clear view of American mafia. This is really must to have a book if you want to complete the story regardless of every aspect involved in American Mafia. These books have become increasingly popular in the present era as they are the perfect source of getting detail about the American mafia in 20th century. The New Jersey mafia books are written to make you aware with the true story of American mafia organization which was responsible for almost whole the criminal activities. Most popular criminal activities they perform may include: murder, robbery, theft, extortion, and so on. There were several popular leaders who attempted such crimes and hold this organization until they die.

Read about the Castellammarese war in best mafia books

There were several stories which were popular in American mafia and Castellammarese war was one of the bloody war between mafia families. This war results a numbers of murders and deaths of mob bosses and the war starts and ends from 1929 to 1931. The war started among two famous mob bosses Joe Adonis and Willie Moretti for power and control. The mob story will let you know how the gangsters attempt crimes and how they live their life as per their own choice. The best mafia books must give you the good experience and will let you know how they live their life in their own way while attempting several clashed with government forces.

When you consider history of the mafia then there are several elements which you will learn in detail including: mafia bosses, five crime families of New York, criminal activities and many more. The American mafia organization had built effective presence so you can read it through history of the mafia. History must detail the essential aspects which are really new and exciting for you so you could not neglect to read it. The famous mob leaders in 20th century were: Paul Palmeri, Frank Costello, Joe Adonis, Willie Moretti, Albert Anastasia, Joe Dicarlo, Stefano Magaddino and so on. If you are willing to know about the American mafia then simply prefer to A Wiser Guy, the book written by Louis P Divita. This book is one of the best source that describe the true story of Mafia and make it easy to gather the detail about mafia.

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