5 Resolutions the Furniture Industry Needs to Adapt

2018 has begun and it is time for the New Year resolutions to be made. 2018 has begun and it is time for the New Year resolutions to be made. Not just between family and friends business firms have New Year resolutions as well. Here are some of the resolutions taken by the furniture industry.

1. Pick up the pace

Delivery time has always been an issue, regarding its authenticity and honesty. Hence, the furniture sellers should from this year on taking a firm decision to shorten their delivery period and get the commodities to their customers as soon as possible. This will not only win customer support and satisfaction but will also be a competition to other retailers.

2. Scale to customize

Customers will always opt for customizing their homes and private spaces to the fullest. They will be requiring custom made furniture and c commodities for their private spaces. Hence, as successful furniture retailers, it is your job to provide them customized goods hassle free and within a shorter time.

3. Sell an experience, not a commodity

You as a furniture retailer is wondering over the idea whether why you are having a drop in customers over the year, we have the answer for you. The present generation is less interested in materialistic things instead looks forward to experiences. So to satisfy this new generation of people you have to step up your game and adjust to the new age. This is a great way to regain the old customer visits back.

4. Re-educated your consumer to act, not wait

The seasonal sales have taken a back seat with the arrival of new strategies to sell your commodities all year round, rather than waiting for holidays. Some retailers such as TJ Maxx and Costco have developed methods and techniques that encourage and motivate their customers to act on the moment and not delay their buy. The QVC has stepped up its game by formulating a new idea. They set the lowest prices when their commodities hit the market and then generally increase as time passes. Find a unique technique which works for you to sell commodities all year long.

5. Get busy on the Internet and social media

Times have changed. Gone are the days where you put out bill boards and cutouts in front of shops to attract customers. In the digital age, the only way to succeed is to have a presence on the internet. So build an excellent website model with some good content and advertisement that encourages customers to buy from your store.

By: Jeffery Hartman

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