5 Things to Know before Buying a Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Before buying a lightweight waterproof jacket, one should know certain things like the material used for manufacturing, its durability, breathability, etc. Knowing all these in detail will help one get the best outerwear for his or her planned activities. The points mentioned here aids in purchasing the best quality jacket. Going for an outdoor activity? Need a water resistant covering?

Many individuals need a lightweight waterproof jacket for protection against water when going outdoors for a walk, trekking, hiking, work and many more. Keeping one self-dry is the goal of wearing such a piece of clothing.

Before buying an impermeable jacket, one should be aware of some specific information. Without wasting much time, one can get the best product following the guidelines which are provided below as well as know about the features of such outerwear.

Let's take a look at the things to remember while purchasing such a jacket:

1. Type of Fabrics

Knowing about fabrics is essential. It helps in determining what kind of waterproof clothing one is getting. Several materials such as PVC and polyurethane are assembled to get the best water resistant material for usage. Technical outwear has an innovation called Gore-Tex which works like a charm when it comes to repelling water. So in many outer wears this is used along with other textiles.

When going to buy such a piece of water-resistant clothing, it is crucial to know about the type of fabric used in making the garment.

2. Breathability

Due to innovations and technologies, breathability is not an irony anymore in waterproof jackets. Ventilation is critical when it comes to staying dry especially in colder climates.

Less ventilation in outerwear creates enough moisture inside to make one cold quickly. So the more breathable an item of clothing is, the better it is for an individual. It also helps lessen sweat accumulation which is necessary in rough climate.

3. Durability of the Product

When buying a piece of clothing, it is necessary to check its durability. If the commodity is not robust, then chances of tear and damage increase significantly when it gets rubbed against any object like rocks. However, different activities require distinct enduring goods. For example, if one goes for mountaineering, then the durability he would require in a jacket is much different than someone going for a run in the morning.

4. Lightweight for Comfort

No one wants to wear waterproof clothes which are heavy and uncomfortable. Wearing lightweight water repellent jackets makes travelling easy even when rain is pouring down heavily. It is convenient to carry as well.

5. Stretch and Mobility

Being free to move without any constriction is of utmost importance. Make sure that a jacket is made of stretchable material so that one can move as per the need of the activity. Purchasing a piece of tight clothing is not a good option and too loose clothes are also not efficient.

So when buying such a clothing item, consider how things will be underneath it. It is apt to choose the one which allows moving hands freely for better function.

Not All Activities Require Same Jackets

Not all activities need the same type of jackets. Before purchasing, one should know what is required for the upcoming outdoor work. If it involves light work, then one wouldn't need a product which people require for mountaineering. So choose the one which fulfils the demand of the upcoming task.

Some Features of Water Resistant Jackets

• The smooth inner material makes wearing such items very comfortable especially when one requires zipping it up totally. Having a rough material on the inside will increase the amount of discomfort making it unbearable to wear.

• Various designs and styles are available which would suit the activity as well as the user's style statement. Some styles include hooded, two layer or three layer jackets, 3 in 1, etc. Also, several bright colours are available which can be spotted from a distance for one's benefit.

• Storm flap prevents water from seeping inside during heavy rain and keeps a person dry.

Everything mentioned above should be kept in mind when it comes to buying a lightweight water repellent jacket. These guidelines aids in getting the best outerwear clothing option for every individual looking to buy one.

By: Stuart Basger

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