Accessories essential to protect the pool table for a long

Pool table not only attracts professionals but also draw the attention of people for playing games. Even if people may not play, they just want to feel and roll the balls around the table. People also want to have one for their indoor sports and spend more time around the pool table. At the same time, it is very important to take care of your pool table and keep it in proper condition. It will be a great decision to invest in your own pool table. But before that, you must choose the reliable vendor from whom you wish to buy the pool table with its accessories. Besides everyday maintenances and cleaning of pool tables, you can also get some accessories that will help you protect your pool table. To mention a few of them will surely help you a lot!

1. Pool table cover

Pool table cover is an essential element in pool table accessories. After the end of the game or if the pool table is not in use, one should protect it properly to keep it safe from build up dust, clothing lint, light, air or moisture in the environment. The covers are available in different design and color options. You can select one which you wish the most!

2. Pool table brush

The bristles of a pool table brush have been designed for use on felt table tops. After the game is over, you can use them for cleaning dirt, chalk dust, and other spots. You should invariably use straight brush strokes and keep away from circular motions because it might work against the weave of the felt.

3. Soft towels

The natural oils from your skin pose a great threat to the equipment. Oils are acidic and corrosive in nature and may build upon the surface of pool balls and get into the felt. It’ll lead to trapping dirt and dust that can make the pool table top stained and discolored. Soft towels can be used for scrub the dirt trapped on the board.

4. Vacuum brush

A Vacuum brush can be used for cleaning and maintaining your pool table but a low-suction handheld vacuum will remove the finer dust particles and cue chalk. To clean inside the pockets, use a nozzle attachment.
5. Wood polish

Wood polish might provide a shiny look to your pool table. Normal cleanup products or polishes can destroy the look of your pool table. Reputed suppliers of pool table accessories stocks the most appropriate cleanup products and polishes specifically developed for the pool tables.

6. Pool table cleaners

Popular and effective options for cleaning pool tables are spray cleaners. You only have to be compelled to spray on the microfiber cloth and wipe up the pool table surface to make it clean. Pool table cleaners are specially made to take away the residue and stains from the pool table surface.


A superior quality pool table assures to improve the level of your game. Reputed pool table companies made a vast array of billiard tables ranging from economy models to custom models with the most affordable price range. The pool tables are made up of solid hardwood with a lifetime warranty. To keep your pool table in top playing condition make the proper use of pool table accessories and follow the instruction of the company from whom you purchased the table.

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