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SMSJosh, the best Bulk SMS reseller in Hyderabad assists you to make profits by enabling you to BUY SMS credits at wholesale price .

Looking to find the best Business opportunity of your Own Brand Identity? You’ve come to the right place! Now a days we find several young people, College Students & dynamic individuals who are aspire to start small business by spending few hours everyday or week and they are always looking for business ideas with low investment. Starting a new Business could be the ideal choice for you.
There is a familiar belief that starting a business needs a huge amount of investment. This is not the case for every type of business. You can run businesses with low investment, even from your home. India is a land having many opportunities where you can start a business in India with a nominal amount of investment and grow your business.
More people are becoming frugal, more entrepreneurs are becoming boot strappers, and more ex-employees are entering entrepreneurship. All three of the above combined; you would want to start a business that requires minimal investment.
Have a look at the Business Opportunity offered by us that will help you to make a successful business with low investment.
Start your Own Bulk SMS Reseller Business
The Mobile Marketing industry has grown rapidly during the last 7 years and this trend is set to continue as the mobile phone continues to play such a huge part in peoples live. The technology associated with the mobile is also continually advancing, with huge scope for further progress & expansion.
SMSJosh has designed the Reseller Solution which is completely hassle free solution to provide our clients a chance to resell SMS to their customers pertaining to individual and business purposes. You may start your own branded Bulk SMS reseller business like SMSJosh and become a part of IT based fast growing Business. SMSJosh resellers can start their own branded SMS reseller website with our dedicated web server connectivity having their own control panel to mage the user accounts. We provide completely white labeled panel for the Bulk SMS service.
You can purchase message units from us at a wholesale price and then resell them to your customers in small batches at whatever price you choose. The more customers you have, the more messages they send and the more messages you buy the lesser is your SMS cost. The higher the price per message you charge them, the more money you make.
We offer special pricing and technical support to our re-sellers so that they can compete in the existing Bulk SMS market.
Highlights of reseller system :
• Readymade Website (No Programming Required).
• Fully Branded Website under your name. Our Brand is not published.
• Create unlimited Users/Partners/Dealers.
• Easy and User friendly Control Panel
• Sell SMS at your own pricing.
• Full Administration Access
• Manage users and Sub Resellers from your Control Panel.
• Free Phone/Email/Chat Support
• Programming Skills are not required.
• Create unlimited Sub-Resellers.
• Provide API to your users to send sms (HTTP & XML)
• A secure connectivity to our SMSC infrastructure
• Web Interface to SEND SMS
• Unlimited Validity
• Admin Interface to add & modify users.
Who can become a Reseller?
College students who are looking for some pocket money, a homemaker looking to make better use of your valuable time, Dynamic folks who aspire to start their own Business by spending few hours in a day or week, a full time professional looking for an additional income or an insurance agent looking to make valuable contacts. We have the key to the door of your dreams.
All you need is :
• A drive to generate additional income.
• Qualification is not a hurdle.
• You can operate through any section of India.
You should also have ordinary business skills such as:
• Communication skills
• Basic computer and internet knowledge.
• Some contacts where you can sell the sms.
• Abie to synthesize
• Creative potential.
• Your only requirement is the passion to make it big
How does reseller benefit?
You have to pay a wholesale price for the sms credits with time validity. You will further sell these credits at retail rates of your own choice and with time validity Equal to or less than one year. First you get the benefit of rates and second on expiry of credits allotted to your client with time validity recredit them back to your own account.
The benefit is not just limited here
• Branding (Your Brand Name, Logo, and Contact Number).
• Tailor-made website (No programming knowledge required).
• Provide API access to users through your website.(HTTP & XML)
• Unlimited validity for Reseller.
Bulk SMS Reseller Demo Panel
From you re-seller control panel you can add new customers, you can easily add new re-sellers as well as sub-resellers under you, you can recharge your customers and resellers account, you can easily set validity, you can see their SMS usage and everything. Each and Every user and re-sellers appointed by you will work under you and you have the privilege to manage them. Additionally you get a ready made 100% customizable Wight Label Reseller Application with Your Company Logo & Your Contact Details.
Why should I become a SMSJosh Bulk SMS Reseller?
SMS Josh offers world class Bulk SMS, Short code, SMS Gateway etc. services to the SMS reseller which ensures maximum customer satisfaction and best after sales service. At SMSJosh, Quality is the main objective to give better value for money and maximum ROI (Return on Investment) to the SMS Reseller.
• To achieve financial independence
• To live your entrepreneurial dream
• For making your own network and building contacts
• To be your own boss
• 24×7 Technical Support System.
• Extremely strong and efficient development team to deliver continuous innovation and take customer satisfaction to new heights.
• To be associated with a big brand like SMSJosh has been in Bulk SMSindustry from the past 6years.
• Redundancy at every level to ensure business continuity of all our esteemed customers.
• We provide a dedicated account manager for all bulk SMS resellers in India.
If you’re interested in becoming part of this growth industry and feel that you would be an ideal candidate to grow then you may be perfect for our Reseller program and therefore, we would be delighted to hear from you. We offer an excellent package….
For More Info Visit : http://smsjosh.com/business-opportunities/

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