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Next Level Displays also makes Custom Trade Show Displays. These displays are created solely for you and your business, upon your specifications, and within your budget.
When you exhibit at a trade show, your objective is to make an impression – a lasting impression. You do that through your exhibits and displays. One way to gain attention to your wares and/or services is to have Custom Trade Show Displays. Such are uniquely yours and certainly make lasting impressions.

Two-Story Exhibit Displays

One of the best ways to make great, lasting impressions is through double-deck or Two-Story Exhibit Displays.

Two-Story Exhibit Displays really “pack a punch.” They take advantage of all the room in your booth without the need to rent additional space and leave the rest of your area open to meet potential clients and showcase additional exhibits. They come in a range of sizes and can be custom made.

Next Level Displays

Next Level Displays is the leading tradeshow expert. It’s your one-stop, online professional, providing your every trade show need, at every price point. It can design Two-Story Exhibit Displays to your specifications.

Custom Trade Show Displays

Next Level Displays also makes Custom Trade Show Displays. These displays are created solely for you and your business, upon your specifications, and within your budget. They also look different than the rest. That’s because they reflect your individuality.

Custom exhibits are ideal for embracing your individuality because they allow you to incorporate the creative elements that distinguish your business from the others at the trade show. Your trade show objectives usually govern your Custom Trade Show Display design. If you want to highlight your services, you might want to include those in your display. If you want to focus on a certain product, you may choose to use that in your display. The display, thus, can be tailored in any way you see fit. Your design team will be most happy to work with you.

Some of the Custom Trade Show Displays that Next Level Displays offers include:

• Tension Fabric Displays: this popular display works by stretching a custom made fitted fabric over a lightweight frame. The result is modern and bold.

• Pop Up Displays: there are several from which to choose. Some include tables, skirts, stabilizer feet and halogen lighting, as well as bold, graphic custom made fabrics.

• Banner Stands: these are a trade show must. Next Level Displays has several kinds from which to choose, including including retractable, portable, and graphic. You can also add a stand and/or use a few to fashion a vivid back wall.

• Truss Displays: these are very easy to put together and come in an assortment of bold colors.

Next Level Displays offers more than just Two-Story Exhibit Displays and Custom Trade Show Displays. It meets all your tradeshow needs. It designs and builds all kinds of displays for purchase and/or rental, all around your precise requirements.

It also offers full, turnkey (ready made) rental packages that cover all your tradeshow requirements from concept to completion, as well as all the additional following needs:

• shipping, including distance shipping and from warehouse to tradeshow location
• installation
• dismantling
• supervision
• storage
• refurbishing
• graphics

Next Level Displays’ skilled staff, services, and products will exceed all your expectations and stay well within your budget. While it is centrally located in Irvine, CA, its inventories are located in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, Chicago and Riverside, CA., so it offers a full range of turnkey services from coast to coast. Contact one of its consultants today.

By: Jeffrey J. Burns

Jeffrey J. Burns is an experienced exhibition designer in California and Marketing Manager with an experience in trade show displays at Next level display. Nldisplay is a leading California trade show display company specializing in creating an effective trade show booth, trade show displays, trade show rentals, pop up displays, Two story exhibit displays, tension fabric displays, steel truss displays, retractable banner stands, multi pack banner stands, indoor and outdoor graphics, trade show accessories, hanging signs, custom built trade show displays, low cost portable trade show displays, custom counters and kiosks, portable flooring solutions, custom display cases, wheeled cases, eco friendly displays, hybrid exhibits, portable modular displays and exhibit lighting and staging. Next level display have a trade show display that fits every budget and style, including trade show pop up displays, truss systems, banner stands, and much more!

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