Planning to Change Your Name? Publish A Newspaper Ad for The Same

Ever imagined a life where none of us had names? Nobody had a word called ‘name’ that would distinguish one individual from the other? It’s tough to imagine right? Ever imagined a life where none of us had names? Nobody had a word called ‘name’ that would distinguish one individual from the other? It’s tough to imagine right? So let us understand a subject that we never ponder upon as we take it for granted. Why are names so important?

A name is not simply just a word or a collection of letters put together as per the whims and fancies of the parents or other family members of a child. Rather, it is an integral part of one’s persona that cannot be dissociated with an individual. Everyone on this planet is assigned a name by which the person is identified amongst her/his peers, is often called by the seniors via and the family members via that name, etc. All the important documents and papers carry that label and it is a great vehicle to recognize a person.


Changing the existing name is not an easy task. You just cannot start writing a new name for self from tomorrow onwards! One needs to follow a detailed and systematic procedure for the same to get rechristened. There are certain formalities that need to be full-filled, certain authorities that need to be informed before one can take on another name. It is because, your name is your identity and if you want to take on another identity you first need to inform people about your move before taking a step forward in this regard. Hence, name changing is not that easy as it sounds. However, it is not that difficult as well! You just need to follow a couple of steps and you will be sorted in this regard.

Various nations have different legal procedures to get the name changed of a name change seeker. In India it can be done easily by following a very easy process.


1) AN AFFIDAVIT IS A MUST: Visit a local notary of your area and get an affidavit made stating your name change move with details like your current name, new name, reason to change the name. Now produce this affidavit before a magistrate in a district court of your zone or a notary public. You need to submit the affidavit in the aforesaid offices and can keep a copy with self for future references.

2) NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT FOR NAME CHANGE: It is one of the important steps in this process to publish name change advertisement in Indian newspaper. It is advisable, that you choose at least two newspapers for this purpose. To publish change of name ad in newspaper select an English language national daily with a PAN India reach and a vernacular or a local paper that has wide readership in your local area.

3) A GAZETTE NOTIFICATION: You need to publish your name in the state official gazette. You can do this by approaching the government press of your state and pay the prescribed fee along with filling up the form. Your act of changing your name will be published in the official gazette of your state and you will be sent copies of the same at your postal address.

So, with these three steps your name change process comes to an end. (NOTE: It might take a month to get your name changed by following the steps mentioned above).

You can now proceed to get your name changed on passports, driving license, voter cards, etc. and move ahead with your new identity without second thoughts in mind.

By: Kulwant Singh

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