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Eyelash AND Eyebrow Extensions: Window Dressings for the Soul: Specialists create a lush look with semi-permanent mink, silk or synthetic lashes or hairs.

Our professionally trained Lash and Brow Stylists apply individual lashes and brows in personally selected lengths and widths depending upon how natural or dramatic of a look you desire. Extensions are applied individually to each lash or brow, proper placement is crucial for designing the perfect effect. Say goodbye to clumpy mascara and brow fillers and start enjoying make-up free jaunts to the grocery store without hiding under a hat.

Do you feel like your eyelashes are too pale, too short or too sparse? Not all of us are blessed with natural Bambi lashes, which is why many of us use mascara to darken, lengthen and lift them. Unfortunately, mascara often clumps up, smudges and comes off far too easily. Temporary false lashes are fiddly to apply and can easily look tacky and cheap. Plus they often look unnatural and can fall off easily - not a good look at a party!

Eyelash extensions applied by a beauty professional can look as natural or as glamorous as you like, so you can wake up every single morning with perfect lashes.

What exactly are semi-permanent eyelash extensions?
We attach a synthetic hair to the natural lash, one that's much thicker and pitch black. It looks like makeup and is very low maintenance. You can swim, shower, sweat and live your life and not worry about mascara. Since eyelashes naturally fall out over time, clients can come back every two to three weeks so we can refill their lashes. Or people can just get the lashes for special occasions, like weddings or holiday parties.

Although eyelashes serve a basic function (to keep dirt particles out of our eyes), they're also great for adding definition and boosting femininity. Long eyelashes can:

help you look younger
help you look more feminine
draw attention to your eyes
add definition to your eyes
make your eyes look bigger
make you look more attractive.

Just what is so attractive about those little hairs that line our eyes, and why do we spend so much time and money lengthening, curling and enhancing them?
Attraction and femininity

The slow fluttering of long, dark lashes has long been interpreted as a sign of seduction- just take a look at the sultry cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, who always peers up beneath heavy lids and long lashes. So what is it about long lashes that many people find so alluring?

A study by America's Harvard University1 compared male and female faces and found that women have a 'greater luminance contrast' between the eyes, lips and surrounding skin. This means that the eyes and lips are darker and more defined on women than they are on men. Hence why women use eyeliner, eye-shadow, mascara and lipstick to accentuate these areas and thus appear even more feminine. Eyelashes line our eyes and increase our luminance contrast, so the longer and darker the lash, the more feminine the resulting effect.
Eye contact

As we know, the eyes are an extremely important part of communication. When we have face-to-face conversations with people, we spend most of our time gazing at each other's eyes, picking up on subliminal signals like whether a person is trustworthy, or if they're interested in what we're saying. Long lashes are thought to attract the gaze because we tend to be naturally drawn to movement. So - next time you want to get the attention of your boss in a meeting, maybe try blinking a bit more!

Just think of those old Disney films with the cute woodland animals. What was it that made them so cute? Look at pictures of Dumbo, Bambi and other baby animals and you'll see a reoccurring theme - huge sparkly eyes and long, lustrous eyelashes. Long lashes are clearly perceived to be a sign of youth. In real life, our eyelashes do thin down and fall out as we grow older, so keeping them looking thick and plentiful could help us maintain that youthful glow.

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Eyelash AND Eyebrow Extensions: Window Dressings for the Soul: Specialists create a lush look with semi-permanent mink, silk or synthetic lashes or hairs. For more info on microblading visit

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