How is Business Card printing still a necessary task?

In the digital era where everything from grocery shopping to buying airplane tickets and even board meetings has become digital we wonder how relevant and useful would business cards be? In the digital era where everything from grocery shopping to buying airplane tickets and even board meetings has become digital we wonder how relevant and useful would business cards be? I mean we all remember the time, not far back though, that business card printing was an essential part of a businessman’s routine. Now everything related to business such as contract signing, networking, sending documents etc. is being preferred digital and yielding significant results. But let me tell you, Textured Linen business cards are something that still needs time to be replaced digitally. The reasons are listed below: -

Exchanging contact details should always remain personal.

How close do you think you know a person and can trust him upon with responsibilities if you don’t even know him personally? A significant aspect of any business is networking and networking is all about making connections that are genuine and healthy for the business. Nowadays another convenient method of sending contact information is via electronic mail or text message; convenient yet not convincing. You won’t be convinced enough to engage in business activities with someone you have not had eye contact or a real conversation with. It would hardly be the encounter to remember if two strangers meet with each other having buried their heads inside their phones. A healthy and convincing business interaction happens with a real, meaningful conversation and the exchange of business cards.

Business cards are still the most effective form of direct marketing tool

In case of marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and media performs a great job altogether but are they as effective as a formal meeting of two persons concluding with a handshake alongside an exchange of textured linen business cards. Arm yourself with business cards and make sure that no opportunity of making a priceless business connection goes amiss, whether you are at a industry conference or at pub during happy hour.

A business card provides your brand’s first impression

Business tycoons all know and value the importance of the first impression in a business purpose. Your potential prospect or connection must get a pretty good first impression of your brand which will further help to enhance its reputation in the future. A smoothly furnished textured linen business card will provide just that besides the usual contact details. A unique business card actually helps to fuel the conversation between you and your potential connection by acting as an ice breaker. Therefore, do not opt for plain cardboard business cards, rather put some significant effort behind business card printing.

A business card that is creative triggers your marketing

When you end a business encounter and your prospect leaves the room your brand continues to stay with him. An encounter without any business card exchange just leaves another phone contact on your mobiles. Instead hand him over a creative business card and watch how that impression triggers a healthy marketing for your business as the person will show and pass over your business card to others potential prospects adding to your connection.

Business cards tend to show that you are prepared

Answer a simple question first. Among two businessmen, one scrambles to fins pen to write his contact details on a torn-out piece of paper and the other gives you a business card. Who would you prefer to do business with?

By: Vikram kumar

Although going digital is synonymous to going smart, there are some aspects that work better the traditional way such as Textured Linen Business Cards . Writing mails may have become obsolete but Business card printing still has a long way to go.

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