How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on Apple Watch

If you are not able to configure Facebook messenger on Apple watch, and also not working messenger in Apple watch, you can try follow the steps and settings on your Facebook messenger in Apple watch. With the new Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch you can easily chat with your friends anytime anywhere. It is really a convenient way for many people to make use of their real-time chatting app. This new product of Apple has gained a lot of interest of people but since it’s initial many people are facing a lot of issues in using their Facebook messenger on their Apple watch. As you know the expectations are very high for the product but unfortunately Apple is not able to deliver its users a sky scraping category. Most of the users are saying it is bug which is causing this issue but some are asking for software errors. The thought of running your favourite Facebook app right from your cool handy Apple watch is a good idea but some of the users while working on their Apple watch confront some syncing issues that they are unable to load their messages properly.

In order to fix this issue you need to read this write up and get complete details about How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on Apple Watch in few simple steps.

How to Fix the Messenger app on Apple Watch

Follow the steps and these steps will allow you to troubleshoot the problem without restoring your iPhone or your Apple Watch to its factory settings.

•First of all go to the Messenger app.
•Now access the Settings page and go to Apple Watch.
•After this alter the settings of default replies to anything.
•You need to go back to Settings option then go to Apple Watch and then delete the entry that you altered.
•Again, go to Settings and close the Facebook Messenger app
•Finally you will notice that all the messages are now working on your Facebook Messenger on your Apple Watch.

In case this method is not helpful then you can apply the second method. Simply that means there is something wrong with your software in your Apple device. You need to update both your iPhone and Apple Watch to the most up-to-date firmware that can potentially resolve the issue.

In case you are still not able to fix the issue then you need to get connected with a third party tech service providing company and get assured solutions from the tech experts.

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Even through you can dial a toll free customer support phone number for Facebook and get solutions which not only suits your needs but also saves your precious time.

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