How to get Canada work visa from India easily

Diverse immigration services, we will assign a dedicated visa advisor once you choose us. We will help you every step of the way and keep you updated with the latest news or changes in the visa process. ?t’s been over 10 ???rs since Canada has been w?l??m?ng an ?n?r??s?ng numb?r of t?m??r?r? f?r??gn w?rk?rs. ?h? ??n?d??n g?v?rnm?nt now ??ms to r?v?rs? this tr?nd. ?n 2015, new r?gul?t??ns g?v?rn?ng ????ss to the ??m??r?r? F?r??gn W?rk?r ?r?gr?m (?FW?) have been ?ntr?du??d. ?r? you about to begin s??k?ng for a ??b in ??n?d? or did you just s??ur? a ??s?t??n? Y?u w?ll probably need to ???l? for a w?rk ??rm?t. Y?u might at first f?nd the ?r???dur? rather ??nfus?ng, so l??rn about ?t!

? Canada Work Permit from India Processing Time d???nds on the l???t??n of the ?ff??? where you subm?t the ???l???t??n. ?r???ss?ng t?m?s can r?ng? between 1 - 9 m?nths on a?v?r?g?. W?rk ??rm?ts usually are v?l?d for a s????f?? ??b and l?ngth of t?m?. ??m??r?r? r?s?d?nts usually cannot w?rk in ??n?d? for over 4 ???rs.

?n some ??s?s, a w?rk ??rm?t is not r?qu?r?d to take up a ??b in ??n?d?. F?r ???m?l?, this ???m?t??n is v?l?d if you ?l?n to w?rk on ??m?us during your stud??s in ??n?d? or if you are an ?rt?st about to ??rf?rm in ??n?d?. R?m?mb?r to ?h??k the G?v?rnm?nt of ??n?d? w?bs?t? to f?nd out whether or not your ??b ??t?g?r? needs a w?rk ??rm?t.

Wh?t d??um?nts should the ??n?d??n ?m?l???r su??l??

?? ???l? for a w?rk ??rm?t from Canada Work Permit from India Consultancy, you must be able to ?r?v? that you actually l?nd?d a ??b in ??n?d? and that you m??t the ??b’s r?qu?r?m?nts. Y?ur ?r?s???t?v? ?m?l???r in ??n?d? must ?r?v?d? a ??b ?ff?r l?tt?r or a ??ntr??t m?nt??n?ng the ??b t?tl?, the s?l?r? and w?rk?ng ??nd?t??ns.

?h? ??n?d??n ?m?l???r must g?n?r?ll? obtain ??rm?ss??n from ?m?l??m?nt and ?????l D?v?l??m?nt ??n?d? (??D?) before h?r?ng a t?m??r?r? f?r??gn w?rk?r. ?h?s ?uth?r?z?t??n is ??ll?d L?b?ur ??rk?t ?m???t ?ss?ssm?nt (L???). ?h? ?d?? is to put ??n?d??n w?rk?rs f?st. ?h? ?m?l???r w?ll have to ?r?v? that he tried to h?r? a ??n?d??n before s??k?ng a f?r??gn ??nd?d?t?. L??? ?r???ss?ng f??s are of ??D1,000 per w?rk?r. ?f an L??? is not r?qu?r?d, ?m?l???rs still w?ll need to ??? the ?m?l???r ??m?l??n?? f?? (??D230) and ?r?v?d? an ?ff?r of ?m?l??m?nt to a f?r??gn n?t??n?l ???m?t from a l?b?ur m?rk?t ?m???t ?ss?ss?m?nt.

??w should you subm?t your w?rk ??rm?t ???l???t??n?

D?d you just r????v?d your l?tt?r of ?m?l??m?nt and are looking f?rw?rd to begin w?rk in ??n?d?? ??k? a look at the ?ss?nt??l st??s of the w?rk ??rm?t ???l???t??n.

1. G?th?r all r?qu?r?d d??um?nts.

?f the l?st of d??um?nts r?qu?r?d may v?r? d???nd?ng on your s?tu?t??n, you w?ll always need to ?r?v?d?:

• a v?l?d ??ss??rt (?r in some ??s?s a ???? of the ?d?nt?f???t??n ??g?s),
• 2 ?h?t?s,
• the ?ff?r of ?m?l??m?nt to a f?r??gn n?t??n?l ???m?t from a l?b?ur m?rk?t ?m???t ?ss?ss?m?nt with ?r??f of ???m?nt of the ?m?l???r ??m?l??n?? f??, where ???l???bl?,
• a ???? of the L???, where ???l???bl?, and a ???? of your ??b ?ff?r l?tt?r,
• ?r??f that you m??t the ??b r?qu?r?m?nts,
• ???m?nt of the ???l???t??n ?r???ss?ng f?? (??D 155),
• ?r??f of funds ?v??l?bl?.

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