Speak commitment and class with 3 layered Business cards

Professionals with rich taste and high end business status are mostly the ones resorting to the best and thickest cards in the industry: the 3 layered business cards

Professionals with rich taste and high end business status are mostly the ones resorting to the best and thickest cards in the industry: the 3 layered business cards. Often preferred by creative individuals like designers, graphic artists etc., these cards are a symbol for upgraded taste and thus packs a sense of value and importance. It is smart, exquisite, unique and its rich appearance screams class and dominance. Make your business stand out by handing out the exclusive 3 layered business cards and let its quiet power speak of your company.

They are sturdy and classy

Sandwiched by layers of 16pt cards on each side, a thick dark card sits in the center. Retaining 100% toughness and thickness of credit cards, they stand for professionalism and commitment. Avoiding the slightly flimsy UV gleam on the face, 3 layered business cards are usually created with a smooth even finish which portrays a sleek, powerful and royal feel. Customize the cards with the template of your choice and let the smooth matte feel of your business card vocalize silently.

Build to impress

Build in standard professional size of 3.5x2 and crafted carefully in the state of art Heidelberg press, the 3 layered business cards punch the wow factor in the first glance. It’s unique and sturdy design conveys a feel of legacy and trust. It is a sure shot charmer and it assures the client with the feel that they are in the company of the best.

Full HD coloring

Feel free to pick a template of your own choice and see the cards grow a demeanor of its own after it has been painted with full blown high quality HD colors. High contrasting colors stand in stark difference with the unmissable black core and render the 3 layered business cards an enticing thing to hold. Colors promise focus, well-chosen combination of colors when injected with the proper saturation and contouring will ensure the best of results.

Add the slight zest to the classy professional demeanor and convey that there is an energetic and youthful element to your professional seriousness.
Businesses are rendered paralyzed in the absence of business cards. It is a serious blow to the prospect of business expansion and if individuals can’t present cards at opportune moments it gives off the impression that the company they represent is not really motivated to perform and not quite serious with their business endeavors. This may even propagate a belief that you are merely wasting time and not mean business, this will definitely be harmful to the company in the long run. Avoid this catastrophe by keeping updated with business card printing service and keep your business cards properly stashed. Entrust your company’s image in the hands of experienced and competent business card printing services and let your company’s name not tarnish.

Having resources to print in basic, premium and silk business cards, the customers are left to choose the one that suits their business and taste. Offering cheap prices for top notch ‘offset’ quality prints, it is preferred by professionals to opt for premium card prints.

By: Vikram kumar

Chosen by the best in the business, choose 3 layer business cards and assure your clients with the gift of trust. Never fall back create an identity and grab a business opportunity, entrust Business card printing service to provide you with the best quality cards and step forth with confidence.

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