Different Types of Lubricants and Their Usage – A Brief Overview

Lubricants are used to lower the friction between the surfaces of different equipment so that they can perform in better way and smoothly. And there are various types of lubricants available for different purposes which are discussed below in the article. Generally lubricants are used to reduce friction between surfaces for easy working of equipment. But all lubricants are not the same! Let us check few of these lubricants below:

Lubricating Oil

Lubricating oils are thin liquids that are made of long polymer chains along with additives that provide extra properties to it. Few of the common additives include antioxidants that keep oil from oxidizing, corrosion inhibitors that prevent parts from corroding, and detergents that keep the deposits from forming. The long polymer chains are hard to force out from between the surfaces and hence it makes oils useful greasy barrier between them. Oils are available in different weights that correspond to viscosity. The lower the weight the thinner is the oil and hence more easy to flow! Oils are generally used in hinges, bearings, tool maintenance and sharpening blades. Usually, oils are available as motor oils such as Mobil engine oil, 3 in 1 oil, sewing machine oils and chain oil.

Industrial Grease

Industrial greases are made using oil, typically mineral oils by mixing it with thickeners such as lithium based soaps. These greases also contain additional lubricating particles like graphite, molybdenum disulfide or polytetrafluoroethylene i.e. PTFE which is also commonly known as Teflon. Greases combine the lubricating properties of the oil with added stickiness that allows the lubricant to adhere to the surface in a better way. These also act as barriers that protect the surfaces from the contaminants that can damage or corrode them.Greases also come in different consistencies just like the oils. One drawback of greases is that it is so thick and greasy that it can cause resistance in small or fast moving mechanisms. Grease are usually used in gears, bearings, chains and linkages. There are 3 different types of greases that can be found and these are white lithium grease, marine grease and silicone grease.

Penetrating Lubricants

Penetrating lubricants act as a savior for many stuck bolt combatants by loosening the years of rust and debris in few minutes. In comparison to the other lubricants mentioned, penetrating lubricants are not designed for long lasting lubrication. Rather these are low viscosity oils with additives that are especially designed for one purpose i.e. to infiltrate the tiny cracks between the surfaces such as the screw threads, add lubrication and break up rust. You can find a lot of different penetrating lubricants in the market, but the best part of these lubricants is that you can make it on your own! And it will be a low cost lubricant that can work as better as the available ones in the market. This can be made by mixing up vegetable oil with acetone. It is easy! Mix 90% of vegetable oil and 10% of acetone and spray it wherever necessary. But you need to be careful enough while dealing with acetone as it is flammable and can melt plastic containers hence; using glass or metal containers to mix it is highly recommended. Also, shake the mixture before each use, as acetone and vegetable oil tend to separate over time.

Dry Lubricants

Dry lubricants are made up of lubricating particles such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide, silicone, or Teflon/PTFE. These particles are extremely slippery at their molecular level and hence they reduce the friction between the surfaces in contact with one another. These lubricants are commonly found in spray forms where they are mixed with water, alcohol or any other solvent that evaporate away after application leaving a thin film behind. Such lubricants are generally used in 3D printer rails, threaded rods, locks and hinges. These are found in different types such as graphite powder or spray, molybdenum disulfide spray, dry silicone spray and PTFE or Teflon spray.

By: Virendra Jadhav

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