Enhance the color of your eyes with cheap color contacts

We offer a wide range of colored contact lenses in different colors for dark and brown eyes wearers. Shop adorable, elegant & simple design contacts at LensVillage. Buy the circle lens and let the world sees your different stunning eyes. Are you thinking of giving yourself a new look by changing the color of your eyes? There is a wide range of color contacts that you can buy to change the color of your eyes with prices ranging from $12.99 – $22.99. Everybody likes to test a new accessory and you can do so without wasting a fortune on it.

The company has kept the prices low so everybody can try contact lenses and use them for fancy dresses when they have fancy dress balls. You can buy different pairs of these contact lenses to change with your office outfits. You can pick up one set as a payday gift to yourself to match new costume and make-up.

Contact Lenses for Halloween Costume

Are you thinking of buying sclera lenses? Sclera lenses or full black lenses can cost you a fortune but on the company online store you can buy dark lenses for the same price as other lenses. The Halloween contact lenses look to be opaque colored but if you put them on you can see everything beneath the dark lenses.

The Halloween lenses completely cover the iris and pupil presenting a blind effect which is perfect for Halloween butwhen you treat or trick people will find a soul that is lost. If you want an alternative to your Halloween then you can go for colored contact lenses of Red White vampire moon. These lenses are cheap and will have a blood stain on a white background. The lenses get a spooky look with vampire bat flying across the edge of the iris.

Contact Lenses to enhance your looks

You can get contact lenses for cosmetic effect but it is better to get a prescription from an ophthalmologist so that they do not damage your normal vision. Without a prescription you may lend with serious eye problems.

You can get Air Optix Colors in contact lenses (lotrafilcon B) which can be used for far or near sightedness only with a prescription from an ophthalmologist or supervision of an eye care professional. When you use contact lenses there can be side effects like stinging, discomfort and mild burning, so it is advisable to follow lens care instructions provided by the eye doctor. Ask your doctor for lens care instruction before you use contact lenses.

Colored Contacts with a natural look

If you want to improve your looks a little bit why not use light brown contacts on your dark eyes? Contact lenses with brown hazel tri-tone look most natural. But if you like something different there are cheap green contact lenses which are perfect for dark eyes. There is a wide range of green contact lenses from cheap ones to natural looking ones that you can pick.

The emerald green lenses that are available can completely cover you dark eyes and give an unusual color to your eyes. If it was for a party this subtle change would look good and it would also look perfect for a glamorous affair. If you still want natural looking colored contacts to cover your dark eyes then you can choose green mystic colored contact lenses.

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