Wholesale Tagua Jewelry, from Ecuador handmade. Tagua Necklace & Earrings. We Ship Worldwide.
Set of necklace and earrings. These jewelry are designed to be of high quality and economic at the same time. For this reason our jewelry designs ship assorted depending on availability (We are constantly adding new designs and they might be not in the photos displayed).

Nevertheless, you can ask us to ship colors that you prefer such as red, blue, yellow, etc. Or that you don't like big nuts. Or you like slices. Easy stuffs. We will ship what is available based on your criteria. Put your comments in the "Product Customization" tab below, SAVE THEM and place your order. You will LOVE our eco-ivory tagua jewelry designs.

Note: Handmade "ECO-IVORY" TAGUA JEWELRY, color may vary slightly from the image. Product of Ecuador. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 6 sets.

The use of Tagua Beads increments the interest to protect Tagua Palms and therefore the Rain Forest. To get good nuts, mocochas (bag where the nuts are inside) have to drop off the palm by themselves. To protect quality of beads, palms must be taken care of, reforestation and so on. It is a cycle! And finally we can make the Tagua Jewelry.

Its scientific name is Phytelephas Aequatorialis. Etymologically from the Greek PhytelephasPhyton = plant and Elephas = ivory, ie plant ivory or vegetable ivory, or Tagua or Exotic Ivory. Wow, so many names for a palm tree. Tagua is remarkably similar to animal ivory in both looks and feel. Tagua is durable and easily carved, and it even mimics the porosity of animal ivory. The biggest difference: Elephant do not have to die.

Tagua is so versatile that we can use it to manufacture decorative figurines, Smoking Pipes, buttons for the fashion industry, and also beads for jewelry making, which is very suitable for women in different countries of the world.

By: Fabrizio Vera

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