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The International Board of Standards has decreed the AAFM, is the world’s fastest growing skilled standards board with over 300,000 members, associates The International Board of Standards has decreed the AAFM, is the world’s fastest growing skilled standards board with over 300,000 members, associates, and affiliates in 155+ countries. The United States headquarters for the International Board of Standards solely awards its registered certifications & board designations to qualifying candidates World Health Organization meet the best-skilled standards and assessment criteria. The U.S. Board and Headquarters accredit and approve official AAFM ® ™ certification coaching programs worldwide wherever the AAFM ® has many approved academic programs that are registered underneath the standard management policies. The AAFM ® Standards Board has been at the forefront of authorized education and examination standards for over a decade and works directly with certification agencies and governments to enforce the very best certification standards.
The AFA Council owns and regulates certification, standards, enfranchisement, skilled development policies, and assessment whereas the AAFM ® manages the alliances with international and offshore coaching programs and social control of certified programs and member rules.
AAFM ® may be a founding father of the ACFM enfranchisement Commission & Council for Finance and Management.
The ACFM is that the enfranchisement Council and conjointly the Board of Standards. This board formulates the policies to keep up ability assurance. the best standards square measure created once a corporation demands expertise, education, testing, licensing education, graduate, ethics, and continued education. The enfranchisement Council is that the 1st within the world to demand Graduate Education or Equivalency as a policy.
AAFM Board Certification and Designations: square measure certification papers marks for Wealth Managers, money Analysts, Investment Bankers, Accountants and Degree holding monetary Planners presented by the yank Academy Board of Standards. To receive authorization or certification to use AAFM Board Certification and Designations, the candidate should meet licensed education, degree, examination, experience, continued education, and ethics necessities, and pay good standing or certification fees
Individuals, who need board certification, could apply to the Academy and petition for membership, certification and fellow status.

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