50cc Scooter vs 150cc Scooter - Know the Actual Difference between Them

The key differences between 50cc scooter and 150cc scooter go beyond size, power, maneuverability and fuel efficiency. There’s hardly anything which feels like riding on the open road. But when it comes to comfortable commutation, do you want to ride on a 50cc scooter or 150cc scooter? Both of them are two-wheeled vehicles but which of them suits you depends on a number of factors.

50cc Scooter

It is the entry level scooter in use today. With 50cc engine power, it mostly suits all the beginners out there for a cheaper and safer riding option.

150cc Scooter

150cc Scooters are more powerful varieties giving contentment of riding over a crowded city area. They are designed with a balance of power, functional features and cost not to forget. Therefore, they make the best mode of transportation worldwide. The 150cc scooter from Chinese manufacturers comes within budget and matches the habit of riding in the lanes or by lanes comfortably.

What’s the Actual Difference between 50cc Scooter and 150cc Scooter?
If you are looking for points of difference between 50cc scooter and 150cc scooter, both ride the same but differ in speed, engine, fuel efficiency etc. The China made 50cc scooter and 150cc scooter cost low and have better performing capability. Hence, these scooters often make a great choice for metropolitan commuters.
Let’s learn more about 50cc scooters vs. 150cc scooters as they will help you make a right choice.

Ease of Riding
• 50cc Scooters are easier to ride due to automatic transmissions. Even, 150cc scooters also have an automatic gear shift for WOT acceleration and don’t feel at all complicated to ride.

Engine Size
• The engine size in the previous case is 50cc whereas in the later it is 150cc.
• 50cc scooters can reach at 40 mph, while 150cc scooters can go up to 65-70 mph.
Wheel Strength
• Because tires in 50cc scooters are smaller (10"- 13") than 150cc scooters (a maximum of around 16"), they don’t suit rough territory.
Driving Permission on Highways
• Scooters whether they are 50cc or 150cc may not be highway legal in all states.
Fuel Efficiency
• The fuel efficiency in scooters varies; with 150cc models have an average capacity up to 132 mpg.
50cc scooters are perfect for beginners whereas 150cc scooters are incredible for city commuters. They are small in size and show better capacity for turning as well as maneuverability.
Storage Space
• The under-seat storage compartment in 50cc scooter as well as 150cc scooter gives additional space to carry your stuff.
Price Range
• The price of Chinese 50cc scooters can be as much as $1,599.00. 150cc scooters can cost $1,799.00 or even more.

Once you go through the above points of differentiation, you can pick up the right scooter for you. Take time to browse through the range of Chinese 50cc and 150cc scooters available with some of the certified online dealers too.

By: Daniela Martinez

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