Fiberfence® Fencing – Can Be Made To Look Like wrought iron fence panels!

Ornamental fiberglass fencing can be made to look like most metal fences including wrought iron fence panels! It’s Ultra Durable, Stronger than Premium Steel and More!! Read on. Fencing solutions are chosen to keep unwanted people and animals away from your household. That doesn’t mean that they can’t look good at the same time. That is why a lot of people have started to opt for various kinds of ornamental fencing which will not only secure their perimeter but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the house. But the biggest challenge, in this case, is to choose the right material! You may have dabbled between various choices like the wrought iron fence panels, Steel fences or other varieties which might seem attractive but are also costly for you, isn’t it?

But now you can leave all that worries behind and relax as we introduce you the Fiberfence® - a pultruded ornamental fiberglass fencing that is currently redefining the fencing industry. It features ornamental style fencing that can be made to look exactly like steel or wrought iron, yet the performance far exceeds than that of Steel, iron or any other metal in any application – commercial, industrial or residential. Here in this post, I will be listing all the features that will surely make this feasible alternative your first choice for ornamental fencing.

Fiberfence® Durable fencing material that outruns PREMIUM STEEL!

It’s obvious that when we look into various ornamental fencing solutions, our first concern would go on the designing aspect. But what if you choose a material which might be able to cater to your aesthetic requirements however falls short on the longevity factor. Now, it would definitely be a matter of inconvenience if you have to mend the fence panels every now and then. Plus, it would also make your pockets lighter to a considerable amount. But what if you get something which can realize your designs ditto as you want on a steel panel or a wrought iron fence panel and still can endure extreme weather conditions and any external threat! Sounds interesting, isn’t it?
This is exactly what Fiberfence® can do for you. This patented pultruded fiberglass product is extraordinarily strong and can be molded into any design just like with any metal fencing solution. But that’s not all. Backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty you can manufacture this product in any color you want.

Installing Fences Are Now Easier Than Ever!

No matter which metal you choose for your fencing solution, installing them can be a huge challenge for any individual. And sometimes you also need to spend some extra bucks for hiring a professional to do the job for you. But leave all that behind with Fiberfence®. The panels are usually connected to the post using composite shoes and self-tapping screws. Installation of a fiberglass post is quite same as it would be for a steel, iron or wood fence – typically it should go 2’ in the ground for anything up to 6’ tall and 3’ in the ground for anything above 8’ tall. Below I am listing all the facilities that you can enjoy with this product.

• With this product we can add rails as per your request and can also change the spacing of the pickets and the spacing of the rails.
• You can easily find Puppy bars available in our stock.
• No matter how tall you want the fence to be we can do that for you with this product. Also, we can configure the fence panels accordingly to make then fit unusual spaces such as over a high-ledge to the ground to meet with the other end of a different fence and connect.
• All types of gates are available: pedestrian walk gate, swing gates, sliding gates and cantilevered gates, automatically opening or manually operated. Customize them according to your needs and they’re good to go.
• You can also change the width of the panels to whatever width is necessary for your project.
• We can also cut all the panels on site using fine carbide or other fine tip saw to fit the space

In a Nutshell:

If you want learn more about this unique composite fencing solution, we heartily welcome you to visit and bring home the ultimate ornamental fencing that can easily replace choices like wrought iron fence panels, Steel fencing or any other product. Thanks to its versatility and foundation, we can safely say that it’s the only fence that you’ll ever need! Architects and Designers, Fiberfence® welcomes you. For enquiries, call (817) 379-4411 mail at today.

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