6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Floor Adhesive

Choosing the perfect flooring of your home is important not only because it adds to the appeal of your home but because it is the most used part of your home. Just selecting the best tile or a classy wood for flooring is not enough but picking up the right adhesive matters. When building your home, one of the most important things is to choose the right building material because the overall look of the house has a lot to do it. There is a wide choice of building products available in the market that can make it difficult for you to choose the best ones. Apart from different products, sealants and adhesives are some mandatory products that a homeowner must add to his buying list. No matter what kind of adhesives you buy, general purpose silicone must be amongst your top pick because of its versatile nature.

However, when it is about flooring, you cannot take any risk and choose the premium one. Therefore it is necessary to consider some important factors before choosing the floor adhesive. Different types of adhesives are recommended for different types of the floor even though some of them might share a few common qualities. The following factors highlight on some key points that are worth knowing before choosing the right flooring adhesive. Let's have a look-


The material or structure directly beneath the flooring is called a substrate. Certain adhesives are required for damp below-grade concrete floor while dry at or above-grade flooring require other bonding materials. There is also some special type of contact adhesive that creates a fast, flexible and permanent bond. It is best used for bonding non-porous materials. There might also be a need of speciality adhesive if radiant heating is being installed.


Before you choose a floor adhesive, make sure you are clear with the location where it is going to be installed. This is because the interior and exterior location of your home will differ in terms of temperature, weather and usage as well. For example, interior installation is generally not subject to weather and the about of water damage and at the same time if it is for your lawn or patio you need to choose an adhesive that can easily handle the strain of sun, rain and snow.


Now, this is a very important aspect that you must consider before buying any kind of product. 'Recommended for' is a term that you will often find on adhesive instruction and packaging. It refers to what kind of product is it designed for and where it can be used safely. It is always better to choose an adhesive that is particularly designed for the floor material you are looking for.


Consistency in adhesives means how well the chosen adhesive it will hold to the application tool and how easy it is o spread on the substrate. Just as a too thick consistency makes it difficult to apply, a too watery texture will wash out making it difficult to work with.

Drying Time:

It is very necessary to know the drying time of the adhesive you are going to choose to install your floor. Floor installation is not an instant process and needs both time and preparation. Knowing everything prior before beginning the task makes it easy for you. You must have the answers to whether the adhesive needs mixing, how much quantity you will require and how long it will take to give the final look and other things etc.


Of course, you cannot expect to find out an organic adhesive that is free from any chemical compounds. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are very common in the flooring adhesive composition and not to surprise that they are great for your health. These particles pollute the air quality and therefore it is very much recommended to choose the adhesives with lower levels of VOCs.

In a nutshell, if you follow the above points you can definitely choose the most suitable flooring adhesive for your home. Choosing a reliable brand is very important to get the best results even if it costs a bit more than others.

By: Chad Lakin

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