How Much Does it Cost to Build a Taxi app Like Uber?

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200,000 travelers delete their Uber accounts in response to President Trump’s travel ban in June 2017, the CEO and co-founder of Uber, Mr. Travis Kalanick stepped down as the Uber CEO. Jeff Jones, the president of Uber steps down after just six months in the post vice president of product and growth, Mr. Ed Baker, resigns as well

A man worth $8billion, Mr. Kalanick, is caught on camera abusing a driver

Alphabet accuses Uber’s subsidiary, Otto of stealing the self-driving car technology

Uber loses a legal battle with Australian Tax Office whereby the Federal Court in Sydney ruled that the 50,000 plus Uber drivers need to collect and pay GST to the government

Bad coverage haunts Uber and it has been receiving in the recent months and with the resignation of Mr. Travis Kalanick the future of the company does not look very bright at the moment. Along with the resignation and the bad media coverage that it has been receiving means that its global clientele is fast losing confidence in the company and their taxis. This is very good news for anyone who is thinking of investing in the uber clone script with a view of starting their own on-demand taxi business.

By taking advantage of this situation you can easily launch your Uber app clone script and take maximum advantage of this godsend opportunity. You can win over all the Uber customers and more. By doing so and with the right promotions and media coverage, you can become an even bigger company than Uber.

Competitors are thriving

Recent studies have shown that Uber’s competitors like Lyft have started seeing an increase in the business post the Uber debacle. Driver in Denmark and Ola and Jugnoo in India are slowly displacing Uber as the favorite means of riding. The people trust and believe in their local cab company because if anything goes wrong then the companies are easily accessible.

Making Hay on a local front while the sun shines away from Uber

The Uber meltdown has provided a huge potential for local startups to succeed and set up a new trend for the on-demand economy in the coming era.

Business economics is also in favor of on-demand start-ups which in turn lead to better returns on every transaction. There is a surge of on-demand players on a local front and slowly but surely the global giant of the on-demand economy will be rendered helpless as these small startups take over.

Countries like India and China are also seeing investments being put into local startups. People are realizing that it is easier to make easy cash locally than do it on a global front. Local on-demand start-ups have taken over the various “Uber for X’ concepts in countries like Ireland, Sweden, and Denmark.

If you are thinking of becoming the next Uber on your home ground the time to strike is now. Come up with your own innovative on-demand idea, approach a developer and get your uber clone script customized and launched so that you can start earning straight away. If you don’t remember someone will beat you to it.

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