The Geothermal Systems that Helps to Harness Sun’s Energy

The innovative geothermal systems help to harness sun’s energy that has been trapped by earth and save on investments and be eco-friendly too. Geothermal Systems are known for being financially savvy, environment-friendly warming and cooling frameworks that give long-term, budget-friendly and successful vitality proficient instruments. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has been persistently suggesting the usage of geothermal frameworks to diminish the contamination made by power plants.

If you wish to have such Geothermal Systems at Winnipeg then you can definitely have it from us and have efficient saving both by having an eco-friendly heating mechanism and also have the benefit of 30% Federal Geothermal Tax Credit.

The ground source heat pumps that we will be making available are capable of delivering outstanding COP of 5 times or greater. This means that your return on investment is even faster than ever! With over 30 years of performance history, Geothermal is becoming one of the most popular green energy options available for both northern climates and southern climates. The ability to provide both heat and cooling gives you greater flexibility.

Using direct heating and cooling systems, these systems that we make available at a cost-effective price are the best replacement to the conventional air conditioning systems that are harmful to the environment and fail the test of durability and sustainability.

There are 4 common types of popular Geothermal Systems that we make possible for you to have. The type of system you will choose is dependent on the local topography and land or water space available. However the most common and simplest to install is the horizontal ground loop or the well loop. Water loops are popular but only if you have access to a lake.

Using clean sources of energy which is renewable - these systems work
using up to 25-30% less energy. The groundwater is used as the primary source of energy along with the heat from the sun; our systems reduce the use of energy by expelling hot air from inside your home into the ground below rather than the environment around us, making geothermal cooling a significantly better option.

Our systems have lesser number of moving parts, looped underground installations and usage of natural resources require lesser maintenance and are increasingly effective when it comes to installing successful heating and cooling systems in smaller spaces without much outdoor space. The underground setup that we undertake reduces damage costs incurred through vandalism or damage through natural catastrophes.

Geothermal Systems made available by us are an inevitable change that must be established in our lives to make life easy and comfortable while sustaining the earth that gives us life and sustains us in return.

If you wish to have such systems at a cost-effective price then you need to contact 123 Zero Energy. To have a free quote you can call us at 1-800-317-9054. Being at you can know more about our innovative and affordable systems.

By: Dan Jung

This article is produced by 123 Zero Energy, which is world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Geothermal Systems.

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