Things You Should Know About Moving Abroad

Moving overseas can be an exciting prospect but is most probably something you have never done before and may never do again. There is a lot to learn about the process of moving internationally and there are a lot of different people and companies involved. Moving overseas can be exciting and something to look forward to, but it is also something you have probably never done before and will probably never do again, so there is quite a lot to learn about the actual process of moving. There are a lot of different people and also different companies involved when you are shipping goods abroad, so it helps if you know who they are and what they do. There are also companies out there who operate scams, and one of the things you should know is that you should not look for international shipping companies based on price alone because that way you will get into trouble.

The people involved in shipping your goods abroad are first and foremost you, and you are called the shipper. You are also the exporter, from the UK, and the importer into the destination country. As the shipper, you are responsible for ensuring that the goods you ship are not illegal in the destination country, and you are also responsible for all the paperwork involved together with any additional charges which might get involved, such as a customs inspection at the other end. Since charges like that cannot be foreseen, you should allow extra in your overall budget.

The international shipping company that you choose is the entity with which you have a contract and it is the company that will send you the bill. It is also the company that you need to talk to in case of damages and for any updates about your shipment. Every other body concerned with your move is a sub-contractor to your shipping company.

The origin agent is the person/company that visits your home to assess the amount of goods that you have and may also be part of the shipping company. If you do not have enough goods for a full container they will have to be moved to a consolidating warehouse where they will wait until there is enough other cargo to fill a container. If you live near the port this may be the same warehouse as the shipping company or origin agent, but if not, your goods will have to be moved to the consolidating warehouse.

The freight forwarder is the company that arranges the actual shipping across the sea and will move your goods from the pick-up point to the port. It will also produce a bill of lading which is a document showing specific information about your shipment. The freight forwarder may also be the shipping company, the origin agent, and the consolidating warehouse, or all three. In fact, if you can get a shipping company that does carry out all these functions you are better placed if anything goes wrong, and it may save some money because the shipping company doesn't have to deal with others but does the work in house.

The shipping line is the company that owns the ship, and shipping lines are given special privilege because of their importance to the world economy. They are, believe it or not, allowed to overbook and if they do, they can pass your cargo on to another ship. If there are any associated costs, guess who pays them? The shipper. The shipping line can declare the voyage at an end if, for example, there is a port strike the other end, and any costs get paid by the shipper.

The shipping line can throw your cargo overboard in an emergency and is not responsible for the loss. The shipping line can change routes, schedules, or anything else, and if there are extra charges you know by now who is going to pay! They are also not responsible for any damage to cargo, which is one reason why you need insurance. You also need to add extra to your budget to cover any of these occurrences but around 20% should be sufficient.

The destination port is the port at which your goods will arrive. There are port fees and handling charges and they should be on your quote but may very well not be included. Even if they are not shown, you are still responsible for them. Usually, you will be able to find out the charges, but in some third world countries they may not be available. If this is the case, allow between £750 and £1,500.

By: James Moss

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