How to Buy Window Blinds

Consumers are often faced with difficult choices when it comes to selecting window blinds. We've compiled a list of the most important elements to consider.

Consumers often find it difficult to settle on a style of blinds with such a large array of window blinds available in Grand Junction, Colorado. Given that there is no one solution that meets the needs of every individual setup. When considering the type of blinds you want to purchase, you need to consider several factors. Consider how much light you're willing to sacrifice to gain more privacy. Your budget is also a crucial factor in choosing blinds. Additionally, if you don't have a lot of time to clean and maintain your blinds, you should choose blinds that are low maintenance. We've compiled a list of the most important factors for you to consider when purchasing your new window blinds.

Light and Privacy
The bedroom is likely going to need blinds that can block out additional light. Your living room may require more light and less privacy. If you want the maximum privacy, choose wooden or thick blinds to prevent people from seeing shadows and figures through the blinds. If light is your goal, consider using blinds that are more sheer and actually illuminate the natural outside light. For example, blinds made of vinyl tend to let more light in.

Horizontal or Vertical
Horizontal blinds create the illusion that your windows are bigger than they are, and can help make a small apartment seem larger. Vertical blinds work well for wide windows and provide a great option for picture windows or sliding glass doors. Additionally, horizontal blinds tend to have thicker slats that may result in more blockage of light. Vertical blinds tend to let more light in since they aren't securely fastened at both ends.

Maintenance Preference
If you don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning your blinds, you should consider using wood or vinyl blinds. Cloth blinds require regular care, so that they don't become dirty and discolored. A wash cloth with water is usually enough to clean most standard blinds. Additionally, consider that many cloth blinds can be cleaned with special attachments for your vacuum cleaner. However, if you accidentally spill on cloth blinds they can stain and will cost much more to replace. With vinyl and wood blinds, stains are not an issue. Consider using non-staining blinds for kids rooms and kitchen areas and save the expensive blinds for the den and bedroom areas.

Budget Considerations
Your budget plays a major role in the type of blinds you choose. If you're only looking to outfit one window, you should consider whether you can get a better deal by outfitting your entire home. Replacing blinds one window at a time can be much more costly over the long run. Consider skipping out on specialty fabrics, patterns and other expensive additions to save money.

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