What are the dangers of shipping without adequate pre-planning?

There are many reasons why you might be shipping cargo to Jamaica. Whatever the reason, make sure you choose the best shipping partner to handle the delivery of your precious items. Planning is an important part of this process so make sure you take some extra time to do this. It is always good to make adequate plans and preparation before you ship important commercial equipment to Jamaica. This is even more the case when you are transporting valuable goods and priceless personal possessions during a relocation to the Caribbean. It is important that you trust your shipping partners to take care of your items and deliver your cargo in the most appropriate and efficient way possible.

In the shipping process and in transporting as a whole, it is always important and necessary that you plan well in advance to make sure everything is properly scheduled and taken care of. The dangers of shipping without adequate pre-planning are that huge. You might not be aware of the dangers that could take place while your possessions are out of your hands.

For instance, if you are shipping to Jamaica or any other faraway place, it is important that you take time to research the delivery schedule and route so that you know exactly where your items will be going.

You must also check the reputation of the shipping company that you intend to use to see if there are any recognizable trends from unhappy clients who have had their items damaged, lost or delayed.

Make sure you plan!

Adequate pre-planning gives you ample time to assess the risk management capability of a shipping company, evaluate their vessels and services and if they do not match your criteria, there is still time to find another company that will.

When you plan ahead, you can research the specific security measures that your shipping company may have. It is important to know that your goods are in the hands of people who actually care about the safety of your possessions. In the worst cases, shipments may be opened without the owner's permission or items could be stolen without your knowledge.

Looking into past user reviews and recommendation is a great way to gather some important information about your shipping partner before you commit.

With pre-planning, you can also become aware of the various health measures put in place by the shipping company. For example, does the ship forward hazardous substances? And if they do, is this likely to contaminate or affect your cargo?

It is important that your shipping company has the appropriate procedures in place to safely manage the substances they transport. For instance food may need to be handled with extra care.

Avoiding last a minute rush is also necessary for the successful shipping of cargo. This allows for all items to be accounted for and for nothing to go missing during the process. Loss, or damage can be covered by insurance, but make sure you know the specifics of this before you commit to specific company.

This is very important as you need to know what happens to your goods in terms of natural disasters, war, shipwreck, terrorism and even cargo theft.

Handling policy

You also need to know the shipping company's warehousing and handling policy. Do you know how they will be handling your goods throughout the process? What equipment will they use for loading and unloading? Are the cranes, forklifts, and pallet movers reliable? For instance, could they pose a threat or risk to the fragility of your cargo?

Make sure they are experienced at handling special cargo in case you are transporting any specialized goods that need extra care such as antiques. Also, do they operate with third party warehousing and will this put your product or belonging at risk?

There is also the issue of shipping delay and human error. It is important to know how reliable your shipping company is when it comes to avoiding mistakes and natural human errors

Also, research whether they consistently supply insufficient and wrong information to their clients. If you have been warned by a past customer, make sure you take notice of their experience.

It is essential that shipping companies understand the customer's urgency and strive to avoid scenarios that may cause delay or even loss of items. This can be prevented with a proper tracking system that will reduce potential eventualities of loss.

One should also take into consideration fees and rates before they commit to a particular service. There is nothing worse than paying added costs and also losing money from delayed items. Check whether there are any additional costs before you go ahead.

By: Ms Denise Jackson

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