IP Reputation Best Practices for Businesses

Proper IP reputation through IP blocking and IP filtering is crucial for any business to protect the brand and its consumers. The security landscape today has become complicated with the whole world practically wired and connected. Threats may come from different endpoints. Without proper IP filtering or <a href='http://bandurasystems.com/'>IP blocking</a> in place, attackers can easily collect and make most of any sensitive information that can be harvested from your network.

Whether you are big corporation or a budding small to medium enterprise, understanding the best practices to manage your <a href='http://bandurasystems.com/ip-threat-intelligence-feeds/'>IP Reputation</a> is crucial. A network administrator must know the threats that may be coming in from outside your system, as well as understand the threat as a result of letting traffic out of your network.

<b>Restrict services, Protect your business</b>

What services your team makes use of in your network must be controlled. Not doing so may make your system prone to malware that may send critical data to potential attackers. While your employees might not do this intentionally, damage will be inevitable.

Traffic leak because of a weakness on your IP reputation setup may be exploited by cybercriminals and other parties. Knowing what goes in and out of your network is critical to protecting your brand.

<b>Don't be a transit network</b>

You might have security provisions in place but unknowingly this might not be enough and your system can serve as a transit network for a bunch of illegal activities that may pose a threat to others.

With poor IP blocking and IP filtering, some parties may take advantage of your resource and use it as a storage or transit point for illegal materials. You might not know it but you may already have porn or child abuse materials stored in your servers, malwares affecting other businesses, or even malicious traffic using your company as bridge to reach their real targets.

Your company can be used as a dummy, a compromised system to launch criminal activities. Without proper protection, your network can actually be host to a malicious domain that generates spam or carry phishing activities.

<b>Traffic control</b>

Proper IP reputation management starts with a review of your companies policies and network infrastructure. In case you do not have this set up yet, stakeholders must establish them, for everyone to follow. Rules must be clearly defined as well as consequences for violations of such rules.

The whole team must know what services over the Internet can be accessed. These are trusted networks that are defined as useful and safe for your organization. It must also be clear to everyone what threats are out there and why such rules are put in place. To start, all outbound traffic will be blocked until you make a list of allowed destinations and services. Truly, your business cannot survive as a lonesome island but proper protection from cyber threats must be implemented to protect your brand and customers.

<b>Testing and Updating</b>

From time to time, IP blocking and IP filtering appliances and policies must be checked and updated if needed. A regular review of your practices will ensure that no threats can go in and no criminals can take advantage of any weaknesses of your network.

By: Charlie Hammond

Bandura systems is a trusted brand when it comes to IP Reputation. If you need IP blocking or IP filtering products and services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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