Smartphone imei unlocking and different method to find imei no.

This article provide information about importance of imei no of smartphone for generating unlock codes for mobile phone and it also provide different ways for finding imei no of android smartphone. Consider you have Lg Samsung or Nokia smartphone and it is locked with some sim card like at&t, orange or t mobile. I am here talking about gsm mobile unlocking. Even for cdma mobile to unlock you need an imei no. in cdma unlocking you need to re embed entire mobile coding as there is no sim. To unlock your smartphone you need to find imei no first. At letter part of the page I will give you different method to find out imei no.

First I will explain here importance of imei no for generating smartphone unlock codes.

Smartphone locking is done then it is combined effort of gsm sim provider and mobile manufacturer. As sim card is a removable chip still if you insert new sim to your android, mobile give error that sim restricted or sim card not accepted or invalid microchip. It means locking is done at your smartphone.
Now let me tell you when your mobile search network and register itself on gsm network , keep in mind mobile is registered on gsm network with imei number of your android mobile and not with your sim mobile no. So your mobile identity on gsm network is imei no and not sim mobile no. So whenever your smartphone subscribe on any gsm network it is done with imei number. So it is obvious that your mobile locking is done at imei no. and to unlock your mobile you need to generate smartphone imei unlock codes as per your smartphone imei number. Imei no is unique for each mobile infect it is unique for each sim slot. If you have dual sim android mobile and you want to unlock android then make sure there are two different imei no for two sim slots. It is called master and slave sim slot. Be careful for imei no in case of dual sim mobile.
It is confirmed now that without imei no you cannot lock and unlock android smartphone. Even when your mobile is lost or stolen and you want to register complaint you need to provide imei number of your mobile. Even in case of tracking a mobile phone, it requires imei no. Tracking can be done at sim level but still imei no is the best option.
For generating unlock codes of lg g2 lg g3 smartphone,nokia,Samsung smartphone and sim unlocking you need imei number, mobile country code and mobile network code. Also without imei number you cannot use mobile.

Different method to find imei number:

1. Use ussd code to get imei no.
1.1) *#06# = this is the most common and very well know code for imei no.
1.2) *#07# = this code is mainly use to know software version of your mobile but it also provide imei no of your mobile.
1.3) *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#info#*#* = this is very famous android secret code. This code provide many valuable information about your android smartphone along with that it also provide imei no of your smartphone from which you can generate imei unlock code for smartphone. There is 4636 android app also which you can download from any android app store. When you run this app it also provides all information regarding to your android phone.
2) Android smartphone have lollipop or kitkat android os then you don’t need to run any codes or ussd codes. Just go to setting – about phone- here you will get imei no of android mobile.
3) Imei no is also available on your mobile bill and on the box of the mobile phone. But if you have purchase old phone and you don’t have original bill or mobile box. In that case you can use above code or remove back cover of your phone then remove battery. Back of that there is a sticker. On that sticker imei no is writer. If your mobile have two sim slots it might possible that your mobile have two imei no.
4) There are many app available online for imei no. you can use that app to find imei no of your mobile phone.

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