Types of Mobile App Development and Technologies Used

When hiring a mobile app development or web designing company in Mumbai, it is necessary to find a team of experienced professionals. It is important to develop mobile apps using the latest technology or else they won’t make an impact on the users. If you are a business owner, you need to ensure that you have hired a reliable app development company. Only an experienced team of developers will understand your requirements and use the latest techniques to develop the app.

It is recommended to evaluate a mobile app development company on the basis of the technologies it utilizes for development of the app. Before you evaluate, it is important to understand what type of technologies are used by developers to create a mobile app.

Different technologies are required for developing an app in different platforms. Usage of technology also depends on the type of app you wish to develop, be it a hybrid mobile app, native mobile app or web app.

Broadly, mobile applications can be classified into two different types based on the technology employed for creating them- Native Mobile Applications and Web Mobile Applications. So what are these two types of applications?

1. Native Apps

These are applications that run directly from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Native apps are basically mobile OS/platform based applications that can be downloaded from relevant mobile stores. For instance, the iOS and Android apps are perfect examples of native mobile applications. In order to install these apps, end users need to go to the respective mobile app stores and download the desired app. Some other examples of native apps are calculators, calendars, office applications, built-in browsers and native versions of Twitter app or Facebook app.

2. Web-based Mobile Apps

These are software programs that run directly from the web browser on tablets or mobile phones. End users cannot install them on their handheld devices. These run on web-hosted servers. Developers make use of a single platform for development of these apps because these are not limited by the operating system of the end user’s device. Examples of web-based mobile applications are, social networking platforms (versions that can be accessed through the browser), online mobile games, email and chatting applications and cloud-based office applications.

It is important to choose an app development company that understands your goals and works according to it. Often, mobile apps fall short of achieving the business goals. Since app development requires a good amount of investment, businesses cannot take the risk of hiring inexperienced developers.

Whether you are hiring an app development company or a web designing company in Mumbai, it is necessary to do some research. You can either ask for references from your peers or conduct a research on your own. Find at least three to four companies and compare their rates and other factors to make a final decision. Evaluate all shortlisted companies on the basis of their expertise, experience and service fees.

It is very important to invest time in finding the right team because if the app or site developers are not experienced, you won’t get the desired results.

By: Carlsen Baker

When hiring a mobile app development or web designing company in Mumbai, it is necessary to find a team of experienced professionals.

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