4 Reasons its High Time Car Dealers move with the Digital Revolution.

Traditional car buying is losing relevance as online channels have developed and become extensive. Car dealers need to adapt this digital revolution. The digital revolution has influenced and redefined numerous industries in the past decade and this includes the automotive industry.

As a result of its impact, the traditional car buying process is fast losing relevance and the role of online channel in the car shopping journey has developed rapidly and become more and more extensive, ranging today from simple pre-purchase research to actual purchase itself. So unless car dealers adapt and change they are likely to lose out in a big way.

Here are 4 reasons that show why car dealers need to make the shift:
Customers favor online channel: According research from Accenture, almost 80 percent of car buyers perform some form of pre-purchase research online and 75 percent would like the entire process done online. Given this clear indication, car dealers need to make changes in their operational process to ensure that they are able to reach and respond to customers in their preferred channel.

Customer Expectations Have Changed: Customers today have become accustomed to the ease and convenience of online shopping which feature a one-click buying experience and support tools such as live chat service. It is not surprising that they are demanding a similar experience for cars too.

The key expectations are speedy resolution of problems, instant responses questions and easily-browse-able websites. Tools such as co-browsers auto dealers can make customers’ visits to their websites even more productive. This innovative technology allows simultaneous browsing enabling the sales staff to the customer through key areas of the site such as in-site inventory or car features, making it a powerful sales tool.

The Role of Dealerships Has Changed: Under the Traditional car buying process the dealer played the key role of providing relevant information and presenting options to customers. But with rising prevalence of online research, the buyer has become savvier and they are in fact visiting lesser number of dealers. What the customers are looking for from dealers are expert opinions and a smooth buying experience from them.

Digital Tools Are Efficient And Cost-effective: Technology has made businesses more efficient as a result processes becoming quicker and more streamlined. Innovations like virtual engagement tools make it possible for auto dealers to engage effectively with customers online, giving them an experience similar to a walk-in without hefty investments. This is especially critical as digital channels are today becoming the key source for leads. With features like live chat plugin and document file sharing, online sales process becomes faster and more interactive

Become In Sync with Today’s Digital Era with Real-Time Engagement Tools
Virtual collaborative tools not only make auto dealers more customer-centric but also deliver other business benefits:

Improved sales productivity: Sales staff can use cobrowser to engage better with customers and even walk them the buying process, which can go a long way in improving trust and closing sales.
Richer website experience: Sales staff can interact using web video chat and live person chat resulting in prompt and personalized customer service with a human touch.
Faster sales process: Instead of tedious mails or physical visits, features like online document sharing present in these solutions allow completion of complicated processes online.

By: Yuval Moed


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