Blackmagic URSA Digital Film Camera

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive package, the Blackmagic URSA Digital Film Camera is definitely a purchase to consider. This is a production workflow solution that can be used with large film crews or on small solo projects. Naturally, it comes with a load of top-rated features. Highlights include a 10-inch foldout monitor with a separate 5-inch display, a Super 35 4K sensor, global shutter technology, RAW or ProRes recording options, and a 12G SDI output. Overall, it’s a solid choice for multi-level filmmaking.

Blackmagic offers the URSA in four models: EF, Broadcast, PL, and HDMI. Each has been used for feature films, television shows, documentaries, music videos, and more. Any URSA is a good choice for large-scale productions because you can easily incorporate upgraded lenses, follow focus, rails, matte boxes, and other auxiliary elements. Cinematographers enjoy the integrated scopes for focus, exposure, and audio. Likewise, broadcasters benefit from having dual recorders and never missing an important shot. By pre-loading a CFast card into the second recorder, you don’t have to stop in the middle of filming just to switch out a full card. For solo filmmakers who are working on smaller projects, you don’t have to bother with extra equipment. You already have an easy-to-view set monitor, an integrated recorder, and all of your scopes built right into your camera. It’s a whole studio in one portable package.

When it comes to high-quality output, this camera is a definite a worthy contender. The global shutter produces impressive digital imaging, and the 4K Super 35 sensor provides a wide range of filming options. It allows you to preserve details in both dark and ultra-bright settings. Furthermore, you can choose to shoot in ultra HD using Cinema DNG RAW or Apple ProRes.

The URSA performs well because it’s built smart. Its larger size accommodates innovative cooling equipment that maintains the high frame rates. Plus, it’s durable. The aluminum casing holds up well on both indoor and outdoor sets. The best part is that the whole system is separated into designated sections for the cinematographer, assistants, and engineers. As the DOP, you can be viewing the large 10-inch screen or the 5-inch settings display while your assistants are viewing a separate screen to independently monitor parameters.

One of the primary highlights of the URSA production camera is that you can change both the sensor and the lens mount, giving you the option of an EF, PL, or B4. Because it’s designed to be mounted, it’s self-sustaining and backed by standard power connectors. It includes all the necessary broadcast connections, SDI outputs, and two XRL connections for external microphones. It even features a 12G SDI output so you can view return or external video while shoot live. As a bonus, the system even comes with DaVinci Resolve Software.

As production cameras go, this is definitely one of the most versatile choices. Plus, you can keep the whole system up to date simply by upgrading each time a new sensor technology becomes available. It’s compact, yet includes nearly every feature you would need on a set. With such an innovative design, it’s quickly becoming the go-to camera for any level of production.

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