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If I begin talking about the problems one face when they have to communicate with someone living abroad, I can write pages and pages. If I begin talking about the problems one face when they have to communicate with someone living abroad, I can write pages and pages. For starters, international calling or texting is so expensive that if you want to keep in touch with loved ones, you don’t have money to spend on anything else. International calling can literally bleed your budget dry and doesn’t leave any money for other activities. What is beyond my understanding is how with all the technological advancements, these calls costs so much. While communication now being literally at the palm of our hands, why doesn’t anybody take steps to make it more affordable to facilitate the middle class.

Everybody is just extorting money because they know how important it is for us to call our beloved friends and family to remain sane. They use our love to keep on earning huge profits and leaving us to count pennies for our survival. I know this picture is a little extreme but you get the gist of it. While IP calling is another matter, calling international landline and mobile numbers is just so difficult. Apparently, cheap calling cards were introduced to solve the problem but they haven’t really succeeded. For one thing, these prepaid calling cards are quite a hassle.

If you have to call, you need to plan it in advance for these calling cards have to be bought beforehand. Imagine sitting down on the phone thinking about what you are going to be saying and all the week’s worth of gossip and discussions you plan to do and when you dial the number, the balance in your card is insufficient. The frustration at this point is unimaginable.These supposedly cheap calling cards are not that cheap after all. Either they are quite expensive or they make up for being cheap with the help of baseless deductions in the name of other service charges. Perhaps the biggest scam is the credit expiry whereby the remaining balance is no more usable after a certain date.

I wonder how far they would go to cause inconvenience for us and increase their profits. I have recently come across Yello dialer that will solve all these problems. This is an application that is compatible with mobiles, smart phones, iOS, windows, androids and electronic tablets. Enables free calls to all other application users. Texts and multimedia messages to all other application users are free of any charge. Offers the feature of video chat and conference calling. Has the cheapest possible local and international calls to mobile networks and landline numbers anywhere in the world. Its SMS rates to anywhere in the world are extremely affordable.

The application can be used from multiple devices all at the same time after creating an online account. Offers the facility of online billing and instantaneous top ups. Crystal clear voice quality and instant connectivity. The Yello dialer, I really believe ,to be a comprehensively complete package for all types of business and personal communication. Whether it is Asian cheaper calls that you want to make or video chat with beloved friends and family, Yello serves all purposes. So if you really want hassle free affordable communication and want to avail cheap calling rates to India, download Yello right away.

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