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Perhaps one of my most favorite shows nowadays is the ‘modern family’. It is just so effortlessly funny and ridiculous. Perhaps one of my most favorite shows nowadays is the ‘modern family’. It is just so effortlessly funny and ridiculous. The best character of the play who actually keeps it rolling is Gloria. This Mexican character with its amazing accent is just mesmerizing. If you ever hear her talk about Mexico, perhaps you haven’t ever heard anything that is funnier. The ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude paired with the most horrible things like murder and theft are thrown around so often that they become really funny. The entire point of telling you this is that Mexico is not the way ‘Gloria’ describes it.

Despite the fact that Mexico is often presented as a country similar to how we would describe a bad neighborhood, the reality is quite different. There is way more to this beautiful country than murderers and thieves. The culture and people are beautiful and corruption and car stealers are not that common. For those of you who have beloved friends and families living there, you can now make free calls to Mexico to stay connected at all times. All you have to do to avail these free calls is download Yello and get started on having the best communication experience.

Yello is an application that is compatible with mobiles, smart phones, windows, iOS, androids and electronic tablets. Yello enables you to make free calls to all other Yello users. SMS and multimedia messages to all other Yello users are also free of any charge. Yello offers the feature of video chat and conference calling to all its customers. Yello offers the cheapest possible local and international calls to all mobile networks and landline numbers anywhere in the world. Its SMS rates to anywhere in the world are also extremely affordable. The Yello dialer can be used from multiple devices at the same time after the creation of an online Yello account.

Yello billing and top ups can be taken care of online. A comprehensive call history is available at all times. Crystal clear voice quality and instant connectivity are integral features of the dialer. Now that you know that this is an amazing dialer, an added incentive to download is the free 20 cent start up balance that Yello is offering to all its new customers. Now you have the chance to test use this application and I am quite sure that once you use it, you won’t be able to use any other application. If you are living in the USA and belong to India, I am quite sure that you miss out on a lot of family gatherings, functions and occasions.

Despite a large Indian community abroad, there is absolutely nothing like home and your own family. Yello enables you to make free calls from India to USA. If you can’t make it back home for a wedding or Diwali, the next best thing is staying connected with home through the feature of video chats. You will feel like you are back home and sitting amongst the people you love most. The best part about Yello is that it is extremely affordable. Feel free to compare its rates with any other service and you will see that whether it is Skype vs Yello calling rates to Europe or Skype vs Yello calling rates to Asia, Yello is so much cheaper. So what are you waiting for? Download Yello right away.

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