Revolutionary Benefits Combining Video Chat And Co-Browsing For Auto Industry

Co-browsing allows agents to provide guidance during sales, combined with video chat, the customer has a complete live interactive experience in a website visit. The auto industry is undergoing numerous changes as a result of the digital revolution which is transforming many of its aspects. Car buyers are moving away from the traditional car buying experience and preferring online channels to do research, explore options and even buy!

For automotive dealerships this means that the online channel now is a key focus area. The website is a key tool to inform and engage with customers since that is often the first point of contact. In fact, according to a Frost & Sullivan report, up to 50-60 percent of sales leads in car retailing are likely to come through digital channels in the next few years.

Virtual Business Development centres therefore have to move beyond email and phone. Real-time collaboration is the need of the hour since it will foster a connect with the customer and bridge the gap between an online interaction and an in-store experience.

The path-breaking technology of webRTC is making this possible. By combining real-time tools of video chat with co-browsing, auto dealerships can provide a superior customer experience that can boost their sales conversions.

Co-browsing enables multi-location sharing of screen using which sales staff navigate through the site together with the customer to explore various cars and their features, the in-site inventory as well as carry out document reviews or even see car demo videos. This simultaneous collaborative browsing helps the sales staff provide interactive guidance during the sales process, and when it is combined with video chat which provides face-to-face engagement, the customer has a complete live interactive experience in a simple website visit.

Easy-to-deploy requiring just an internet connection and no software or hardware installation, real-time virtual engagement tools such as co-browsing and video chats are the technology of the future. The many tangible and intangible benefits from this solution are:

Better quality leads: A website visitor merely looking for information can be converted into a qualified lead by having a proactive customer engagement process. Customer-facing staff can leverage real-time tools to offer a rich online experience, with use of video chats combined co-browsing enabling an in-depth exploration of car options available on site, latest information on variants or offers. By virtue of the live engagement, sales staff understand customer needs and build a rapport, making every lead a high quality one.
Superior Customer Service: Customers requiring clarifications or additional information need not call a phone line and be put on hold and also don’t have to plan a dealer visit. A video chat or an auto dealer chat can easier provide instant answers.

Improve sales conversions: Sales personnel can use the tools of co-browsing and video chat to enhance the sales guidance provided to customers. They can step in at the right time to provide support, answering questions, offering options or taking the opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell. The interactive and instantaneous nature of the customer service enables the sales staff to push the customers through the buying process faster and thereby close a sale with more speed.

Strengthen the website as an online sales channel: With more and more customers depending on online channels such as websites during their car shopping journey for information and expert advice, auto dealers need to make sure that their website offers top-notch facilities for providing superior customer service. Click-to-call video car dealer chats are a great option as they allow customers to initiate a call the moment they feel the need to speak to a real person. When it is used in combination with co-browsing, customers will find that a website session is in fact a close approximation of an in-person visit to a dealership, helping them decide on their purchase with more confidence.

By: Yuval Moed

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