What Are the Qualities of a Good Translation Agency?

This article analyses the qualities of a good translation agency that attract clients to work with an agency. It also gives advice to the translation agencies on the dos and don'ts if they are to become good agencies. Look for <a href="https://www.global gate translations.com">a good translation agency</a> when you need to request for translation services. There are many translation agencies offering diversified translation services. But the question is, are all translation agencies genuine? Do they all have qualities of a good translation agency? Do they meet clients’ expectations? This article tries to elaborate some of the qualities of a good translation agency.
Top quality work.
A good translation agency strives to provide top quality work. As its understandable that all clients pay for quality work. So, it’s not proper for clients to spend money on poor quality work that will not meet their needs. Therefore, a good translation agency minds a lot about quality that meets clients’ expectations.
For an agency to be seen as good enough to handle any translation, its level of <a href="https://www.globalgatetranslations.com/professional%20translation%20services/"> professionalism</a>. should be high. That is to say having well experienced translators, accepting to sign NDA’s and others. This will help the clients to judge whether their work will be confidential or not. So, its better for translation agencies to exercise high degree of professionalism.
Rate of Turnaround.
A good translation agency delivers work with in agreed period of time. Such agency will write to client in advance in case they’re un able to deliver with in the stipulated period of time. Also, a good translation agency turns down projects which they can not meet their deadlines. This will give the client room to either extend the deadline or contact another services provider.
Languages handled.
A good translation agency handles different languages. An agency should be able to provide services in both rare and common languages of the world. The agency should also be able to handle languages in all continents of the world.
Diversified linguists
Good translation agency employs diversified linguists with ability to handle different projects in various fields. A good translation agency will always try to employ all kinds of linguists such that in case they get a project in any language, they will be able to handle.
Pricing mechanism.
A good translation agency charges competitive prices without compromise the quality of the services. The prices should be designed in the way that they are not low and not high. That is to say they should be affordable, flexible and feasible.
Good project managers
The quality of the translation agency is also identified in the quality of its project managers. A good translation agency has very experienced and professional project managers. The project managers should be friendly, good analyst dedicated and chief advisers during and after the translation process. They should be able to immediate well between clients and translators. Therefore, they have to be good communicators.
Number of clients
A good translation agency has a great client base. A good translation agency should have as many clients as possible. Additionally, a translation agency is capable of maintaining its client base. That is to say clients do not run away from a good agency. Once a client starts working with a good agency, they will always recommend others rather than running a way.
Number of projects
A good translation agency handles as many projects as possible. It handles projects for say <a href="https://www.globalgatetranslations.com/document%20translation%20services/">document translation</a>, interpreting, <a href="https://www.globalgatetranslations.com/transcription%20services/">Transcription</a>, voiceovers, subtitling and many other services. These projects come in either bulk or small quantities. They should also be able to maintain the quality and professionalism in all those services.
Conclusively, a good translation agency is what all clients look up to. So, its advisable for translation agencies to showcase themselves by doing what’s right. This will help them to get maximum exposure in translation industry. Thus, attracting large clientele.

By: Henry Adong

Henry Adong is a Project coordinator and in-house translator at Global Gate Translations. He also writes articles on translation and languages.

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