How to know real and fake Pokemon Cards

It is also vital that you search for any spelling mistakes or fancy borders on the Pokemon picture. You can also compare energy symbol. There are so many people who like to collect Pokemon cards but there are scam artists who sell fake cards to different types of collectors. But the fake cards are not very close to the real cards. Before purchasing a real Pokemon card it is important that you familiarize yourself with Pokemon species. Some of the pictures on the fake cards never show things which are Pokemon such as digimon or animals. It is advisable that you be suspicious if what the card display will appear questionable or if there is a sticker at the top of the card.

It is also imperative that you look at the attacks plus HP. For instance if the HP is more than 500 or the attacks never exist then this one is fake. Aside from that if the card will say HP 80 and not 80 HP this is a fake card. But there are a few real cards that have variable plus the attribute name. This is inverted because of a printing mistake. Do not purchase the cards without checking whether the card is real or not.

It is also vital that you search for any spelling mistakes or fancy borders on the Pokemon picture. You can also compare energy symbol. Most of the fake cards the energy symbols are big and distorted. Do not forget to look at the text. Most fake cards the text is small compared to the real cards and the font is also different. It is imperative that you check the weakness. You can also look at the card box. A fake card does not have trademarks and it is made from cheap cardboard.

The card spelling is also another vital factor that you have to consider. Most fake cards do not have the right spellings. Some of the most popular mistakes include writing the word Pokemon wrongly or not having accent. Size and weight is also another factor that you have to look at. A fake card is thin and you cannot be able to see through when you hold it. There are other cards which are hard and appear shiny. Cards which are real have thin sheet between cardboard. They also do not have copyright date or illustrator.

One thing about this game is that it is addictive it does not matter whether you are an ardent fan of Pokemon or not. There is something that is good when it comes to purchasing Elite Trainer Box. If you do not know anything about Pokemon TCG Australia it is imperative that you ask friends and relatives. If you are not careful you will end up losing your money.

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