How to Share a USB printer from Computer

This article provides steps to share the USB printer to a computer in the easiest way. Ever wondered about sharing a USB printer from your computer ? If not then it is the time to look forward to it. Online hp printers technical support team can provide you with online help regarding setup. Or else have a look at below mentioned procedure to set the thing up. But before you contact hp printer tech support team of VFix365 know the advantages of sharing USB printer from the computer.
1. You can easily use printer by directly connecting it to your computer.
2. Sharing through USB is more convenient
3. It involves less cost when compared with network sharing

Now, to know the right process of sharing USB printer read the steps given below:
1. Go to control panel and open printer settings.
2. Now, make sure that you have already installed the printer in your computer that you want to share.
3. You can also take help of canon printer setup tech support if you own a canon printer.
4. Now enable the share option by selecting the checkbox which will help you share the printer.
5. If the option is already available then go to the next option and change the advanced setting to customizing
6. Enter a unique name to your printer as this allows other users to easily search your printer.
7. Remember to keep your printer name to eight letters only and avoid using spaces and characters.
8. If the other computers or laptops connected on the same network are running low on operating system then you have to select additional drivers to install the printer on another device.
9. Canon printer setup of VFix can help you save the time from downloading and installing drivers separately.
10. Lastly, you have to configure the settings on other computers and add the printer by selecting network printer that will search the network printers. If you have not found the one, then choose 'the printer I want is not listed' and again browse for the right one. Select the plus sign to search and choose the right one.

So these are the necessary steps to share USB printer to a computer. If you find any difficulty in performing the task then take help of technicians through canon printer setup tech support team, who are expert in this field and provide economical and prompt services.

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