For having a successful website or an app, you have to take care of each and every aspect; Designing is a really important aspect of this. Plan this process carefully and you can have a really good output. ‘First impressions are really important, they should be creating a really good impact’, we usually use these words before going to an important meeting or job interview. These days everything is online, so why not first create an online impact by having a good website.
Talking about designs; Designs are not limited to website colors, it is quite vast like choosing an allover color scheme, font colors, font style, images, and content placement. All these factors can only be finalized once the concept of a website is final. Designing will help others to understand your website/ skills/services better without any one explaining anything, the visuals will help them understand.
Design should not only look good to the eye, it should also go with your concept. Suppose you have a business of paint, wall paints, wood paints, etc, depending upon this concept your website will be a really colorful one showing bright color combinations, but if the color of your website is not standard and keeps on changing on all the pages, or you have not uploaded any color shades or information of colors etc , you will not be able to create a good impact on a customer and hence will lose a customer even before they become your real customers . So designing is really important. In today’s time, the trend is “simple is sophisticated”. Simple, sober designs go long term; people love to engage with these kinds of websites that are soothing to their eyes.
Moving further in the website; all the images that are included on your website should also be designed according to your concept. While designing images take a good note on how you convey your message through your images. People love to see images rather than reading a whole paragraph of text. So once again a good designed image will help you to convey your message better.
Other aspects of the website; company logos, videos, Content, Taglines, illustrations, designing, all together will help creating a great impact on digital platform. We usually use a term Content management; in other words we can say designing of content. We use a term very often “Content is King”. With the help of interesting content you can engage those people who love to read. Using keywords that match your concept, you have to write content based on those words. Every word you write will enhance your website as it will be doing its work of SEO; using words to improve your website.
So designing is an integral part of any development process; rather a website or an application which requires a good planning process for better results.

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