Reasons to go for Quality Anti virus and security software

Data has today become the intellectual; property of the organizations and hence losing them out can be quite economically as well as ethically detrimental to the organizations. If data is to be believed, many of the companies lost their critical information to viruses last year which costed the management billions.

Data has today become the intellectual; property of the organizations and hence losing them out can be quite economically as well as ethically detrimental to the organizations. Here are the top reasons why these organizations and even individuals should consider and inculcate investment on quality anti virus and security:

# Reason 1: Free protection can not be always sufficient

Internet has become omnipresent and this has led to the increase in the antivirus and security software available as free downloads. Although they might seem to be inefficient at multiple times, and hence it is generally worth investing in a full-featured software package from a trusted developer. The reason for this is that although free alternatives certainly do protect computers from malicious software, they are generally stripped down in terms of functionality. The average computer user is typically not very experienced with what goes on "behind the scenes" of their computer, and may be unaware of the many ways a computer can be infected. Often the complete package f antivirus programs goes a long way in securing the system and data through enhanced protection which comes in form of added features such as running potentially infected software in a "sandbox" (or virtual environment) protecting the computer from spam, detecting phishing attempts, and blocking potentially malicious websites.

# Reason 2: Viruses and Trojans are sometimes difficult to be located

People sometimes argue that they are able to avoid infections simply by employing common online sense, i.e. not opening spam e-mails, avoiding suspect websites, and never downloading suspect software. The problem with such arguments is that they tend to ignore one of the very traits of the computer virus; it operates undercover. Even people who are cautious online can have their computer infected unknowingly. Most people tend to use Java applications in one form or the other, most people tend to receive e-mail attachments, and most people are, from time to time, redirected to third party sites they have not had the chance to assess the credibility of. More importantly, all humans are susceptible to effective manipulation. Trojans can be impressively well crafted fakes, posing as legitimate programs, and can trick even the most experienced user into clicking "Open." Common sense goes a long way to protect against malicious code, but any computer running without quality antivirus and security software risks being infected. Even worse, if there is no security software installed, any potential infection might remain undetected until it is too late.

# Reason 3: Helps in reducing and sometimes eliminating the repair costs

Buying a system or laptop can itself be a big investment, and hence you would like to keep them in functional condition as long as possible. Antivirus and security software, on the other hand, are available at relatively affordable prices. Investing in high-quality antivirus and security software is like buying an insurance, in that it may prevent the need for future computer repairs, which can become almost as expensive as buying a new PC. Most viruses target only the computer's operating system and, if worse comes to worst, can be removed by wiping out the entire hard-drive and reinstalling the operating system.

Investing in quality anti virus programs thus prove to be a good investment to keep the systems healthy and working for a longer time.

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