Role of Computer System in Different Environment

Computer systems can be defined as the system of interconnected computers those have a common storage devices and many peripheral devices. Computer system has different role in different environment As a computer is a programmable device, it has immense ability of performing many calculations and operations on data without any human help. So, it goes without saying that it can perform tremendous operations at the speed which cannot be matched by a human brain. This is the base cause of its function in different environments.
Personal Use- Individual use it at home as laptops, desktops to store personal information, pictures, movies. It finds it uses with browser based applications like internet surfing topping the chart on its personal use.
Corporate Use- Businesses need computers for everything now. Software companies have computers as their soul and website designing, application building attract clients like governments, banks and even non-profit organisations. It is the competitive instinct of business that has led to so many advances in computer technology and system design. Word processing creates a wide range of documents like memos, public relations materials, legal documents, and in publishing work too which corresponds to advertising also.
Human Resource department- Computers find their utility in maintaining huge data collection in private firms like recruitment companies, FMCGs, sales and marketing industries. The payroll, points of customer, details like social security number are today all managed, secured and maintained in a computer. Financial and accounting systems are also used to take care of these departments using spread sheet or database management software. For businesses, it is important to take care of company’s strategy, need of customers, workforce and budget given to technology
Global Village- Networking has made work a small place. With social media like Facebook, Twitter going viral with likes and videos of friends, relatives to stay connected and LinkedIn making professional networks worldwide. Referencing acquaintances, creating similar workforce has created a new world of virtual figures for emotional security
Education- From small schools in towns to renowned Universities like Harvard, even ours extensively use computer systems for managing students’ enrolment, online exams, creating timetables, and even checking plagiarism by software tools for verifying genuine work
Space work (NASA) - Supercomputers are used for highly precise work like configuring robots, space shuttles, escape velocities. They are programmed to work in difficult conditions making discoveries on different planets. Many real time applications are made to help computers work for high technical detail.

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