Gann Astrology predicted the market turn of US Equity Index. 7 year cycle Video!

We are one of the best Astro Finance Newsletter Market Trend Signals Service which the trades are featured with Tight Stop Loss, Little to No Drawdown, Price and Time Target Specific and Work across All Forex pairs. <p>I heard about there was one trader who had traded successfully on the stock market and had won lots of money after reading a book.</p><p>
It is about a astrology trading book released in 2011 April, based only on astro finance indicators and mercury movements and had predicted the 2013 market accurately (the forecasted vs actual top and bottom are up to 2 day in difference):</p><p>
The being applied finance astro theory had foretold a total of 39 top/ bottom dates in 2012 to 2031, which already 21 of the predicted dates had unfold as is. and we are still waiting for the remaining 19 of them to show up as time pass by.</p><p>
The main breakthrough of the algorithm lies on its ability to explain why astro indicators works only on selected times, and it includes enabling the readers the following abilities: </p><p>
(so that traders can only trade on the working astro indicators and avoid betting on the malfunctioning ones) </p><p>
1. to foreknow a certain future date is a top or a bottom instead of only knowing that certain future date is a market turn date. </p><p>
(feedback from customer says there is expensive private one-to-one astrology trading seminar from someone who is famous in the field teaches his students that financial astrology cannot predict the direction of the markets which is not true and is explained why this is so in the book.)</p><p>
2. to understand why certain astro trading indicators only work on certain forex pair but not others. </p><p>
(i.e. to explain the situation why the amazon stock have risen a lot in the stock market, but my ebay stock having business in the same Internet field is not rising as much percentage as AMZN does.)</p><p>
3. to foreknow when certain astrology technical indicators will work on my stock, specifically in which astro cycle it should start working and when it should stop working. </p><p>
(thus traders can max their profit by trading in the trending market from when it starts and locking your profit exactly when the trend finsihes.)</p>

By: Jenna Miller

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