QuickBooks for Mac upgradation Dilemma ft. QuickBooks OS X Version

People are facing technical issues in their QB for Mac after the OS X update.Read more. The biggest problem which QuickBooks for mac users face is that Intuit is continuously working for improving their software, whether it is for windows version or it’s for a mac version. So, Intuit release a new QuickBooks version for their Mac and Apple to release a new version of operating system for their Macs. Now Apple releases these upgrades every year and so does Intuit. Here’s when the Dilemma arrives, with each new Apple upgrade for their Mac OS there is a new Intuit version for the QuickBooks too.

Now all the non-apple users must be thinking, that what is the issue if both releases upgrades for their respective product? The thing is that, most of the time when Apple release the new OS upgrade, the QuickBooks for Mac starts facing technical issues and sometimes even make it impossible for you to work on the software altogether.

The latest OS X version of Mac have completely left QuickBooks un-rendered and is treating it like an alien body. Now, everyone would want a new OS version in their Mac, little did they knew, that the QuickBooks would not be compatible with the version. Even if they did not upgrade it, eventually they would have to at one point, and then they would have to face the issue. The issue, does not end here, the new Intuit version might be compatible with the OS X version, but Intuit upgrades are not free, and the users who recently brought the software thinking that it would work for a long time, were left completely disappointed.

Tip- You can contact the customer care and they might be able to fix the issue, but don’t get your hope high, it rarely happens.

Potential Solutions-

Install Windows on your Mac- This may sound hurting to the hardcore Mac users, but this is the most logical and reasonable solutions. By installing windows, not only you will be released from vicious upgradation and payment cycle, but also you would have the plethora of QuickBooks versions to choose from. You can chose the version which you like and use it for years without any disturbance.

Get the QuickBooks for Online- QuickBooks for Online version can be operated from both the windows and Mac, as all it need is a fast internet (to be precise). Unlike Quickbooks for Mac, QBO does not need necessarily need to be upgraded at random times of the year.

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