When You’re Affected by a High Risk Status

When you first realize that your business is considered to be high risk, you may feel a little overwhelmed and worried about what to do from that point. When you first realize that your business is considered to be high risk, you may feel a little overwhelmed and worried about what to do from that point. There’s good news, however. High risk merchant processing providers have the knowledge and experience you need to get your business approved for the merchant account that will help to maintain your cash flow. Click here to learn more.

Some Agencies Won’t Consider You to Be High Risk

When you've been deemed a high risk merchant and you apply for credit card processing, there are a few things that you'll need to understand before you can get approval for your account. One of these things is that not every provider will consider you as high risk as other providers. In fact, some providers may not consider your business to be high risk at all. Credit card processing providers make these decisions based on certain underwriting guidelines that their risk departments have established. When those guidelines are strict, then you'll be considered a high risk. If the guidelines are more flexible, you may have easier access to the merchant account that you need. Some providers work specifically with high risk merchant accounts and in this case you may find quick approval.

What Makes Your Business High Risk?

Next, you need to understand why your business is considered a high risk. There are several reasons for this. Maybe companies within your industry have experienced a lot of fraud or chargebacks, such as disputed transactions. Your business may have bad credit. You may have bad credit as an individual. If you run an offshore business or if you're selling items that may be considered illegal in some areas, your business could be deemed a high risk. Some of the high risk business types include airlines, airplane charters, Internet stores, and treatment options, automotive brokers, check-cashing services, debt collection, exporting services, horoscope services, life coaching, telephone and telecommunications companies, and vitamin supplements sales. Clearly, there’s a wide range of respectable business types that get lumped into the high risk category. Any of these businesses might need a high risk merchant account.

Expect to Pay More and Demand to Be Treated Fairly

As a high risk merchant you can probably expect to pay higher rates. However high risk merchants are often exposed to terms and rates that aren't acceptable. Just because you are a high risk merchant, doesn't mean that you shouldn't do your homework and find those high risk processors that are ethical and reliable. In this industry, you're likely to come across a number of unethical processors. By carefully reviewing the terms, payments, and conditions that each provider offers, you should be able to recognize trusted and ethical high risk merchant processing providers in your area.

There’s a Solution

You may run a business that many consider to be high risk. You might own a business that has been affected by poor credit or the lack of a credit history. When this happens and you need to find a way to process credit cards, take a look at the services offered by high risk merchant processing providers.

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