Which Tech Features should you check before buying a Car?

Confused if you should shell out a little more for a technologically-advanced car model? Learn more about how phone-compatibility, driver-assistance technology and a backup camera can smoothen your car buying process and driving experience over a period of time. Every new car model brings with it an air of excitement as it triumphs over the previous version and offers something new to the customers. Often, new car buyers get excited for the added features or technology that the vehicle will possess. With the dynamic nature of consumer demands, auto manufacturers have heightened research & development. They seek to enhance the car buying experience with additional tech features.

Update & Upgrade your Car: Three Must-Have Tech Features

Obtaining prior knowledge before making a purchase is always a boon. Be prepared with the list of the following must-have technological features while you hunt for your next car.

1) Apple/Android Compatibility

Phones are an integral part of our existence and it would be unfortunate to miss out on important calls during a long drive. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are simple mechanisms to stay connected to your phone while driving. While Apple CarPlay mimics the actual display of your phone, Android Auto is an easy method to plug and play on the go. Phone compatibility with your car is a great way to reduce hassles and the anxiety of driving and attending your phone, simultaneously.

2) Driver-Assistance Technology

Absolute self-driving might be a few years ahead, but highly advanced driver-assistance technology is very accessible. Car manufacturers such as Tesla, Nissan and Mercedes have designed their cars for ideal situations like object identification, clear lane markings and surrounding radar. Driver-assistance technology is capable to identify clear lanes, track other cars, steer, brake and change lane according to the information they collect. The use of autonomous driving is expanding as automobile manufacturers include such high-end tech features in new car models.

3) Rearview Camera

As most cars are updated with a digital infotainment system, a rearview or backup camera is an essential feature that should be in your car. The US government has made it mandatory to include backup cameras for all new cars, in effect from May 2018. Safety is a huge area of concern and the new rule is designed to prevent potential accidents. While many high-end car models already possessed the technological upgrade, auto-manufacturers will now be ensuring that the same facility is passed on to base models as well.

The Bottom Line: Making the Right Car Buying Decision

When you are looking for a new car, comfort, convenience and luxury become essential factors that make or break the deal. Technology plays a key role and the presence of new and improved features can simplify your life as well as enhance your car buying experience. Make sure you look out for the tech tools and ensure that they make their way into the next car you purchase.

By: Adam Porter

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