Stock Trading System: A novel approach to lucrative investment!

ETFs are liquid so you can sell and buy them anytime. You always know what you will get in the end as ETFs are always transparent. Gone those days when a broker was needed to assist you in buying and selling shares and stocks and helping in making proper stock market investments. With the advancement of technology, now you can make online investment by buying and selling shares with few clicks of the mouse. Online trading has altered the concept of trading worldwide. Trading is now easier, faster, more convenient, and economical and is less prone to manipulation by dealers, brokers and market makers as you do not need any person in-between like earlier days. You also have to pay less brokerage in investing your money through online as compared to offline trading.

Requirement of a middleman and paperwork is eliminated in online trading. The only thing you require for online trading is an online trading account. You can do stock trading from anywhere in the world within the trading hours.
Some of the stock exchanges have replaced the open cry system with an automated trading. It is the best stock trading system as you do not have to shout or use your hand gestures to transfer information while making an investment in a stock exchange through open cry system. Automated trading system has changed the complete scenario of investment. The major financial services and products that are offered by online trading are equities, mutual funds, life insurance, general insurance, portfolio management, share trading, financial planning and commodities trading. However, some persons think that purchasing mutual funds is an expensive process as you have to pay 1.5% charge for advisory fees to a broker or financial planner.

The only solution to this problem is exchange traded funds that offer great flexibility for a lower amount. It is essential the best Exchange traded funds (ETFs) to buy as they offer more reasonable deal in compare to mutual funds where you will experience the distortion of their price in regard to the underlying value. ETFs are liquid so you can sell and buy them anytime. You always know what you will get in the end as ETFs are always transparent. Mutual funds have their limitations that can be noticed on the face of any serious investor, but ETFs have all the benefits you can think off.

Some of you may find it intricate to calculate the years needed in doubling their money. Rule of 72 trading system signifies that if you want to find the required number of years that are needed to double your money at a particular interest rates, you have to divide the compound return into 72. The resultant will be the approximate number of years that are required to make your investment double. For example, if you need to know the duration necessary for making your money double at 12%, simply divide 12 into 72, and you will get the six years, it shows that if you invest your money at 12% rate than it will be doubled in 6 years.

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